Ahh, they grow up so fast!

It’s time for both Jaguar and Tortoise to grow up to the next stage of their lives. Fox and Ariel work hard to be the best parents they can be!


Blow up the balloons, gather the confetti! It’s Tortoise’s birthday today! With Fox in her pajama’s and Ariel in his not-so-formal formal wear the family gathers around the cake to watch Tortoise grow up into a toddler.

Tortoise has really big eyes like her mom, but unfortunately they are the wrong colour which means she is doomed to be a spare. This doesn’t mean she’s not significant though, because she’s gonna provide us with plenty of cute toddler pictures in the near future! Besides that, het genius/neurotic traits should be interesting enough to keep a close eye on her…

Because the family is dealing with two toddlers now instead of one and quite possibly more in the future, Fox decides to buy Tortoise a turtle-shaped play table for her birthday!

Of course it’s her older brother Jaguar who gets his greedy hands on the building blocks first though. Somehow, older siblings always want what the younger siblings get…

Tortoise gets to try out real food on a plate for the first time as well. Looking at her face, it seems like she isn’t sure yet whether she likes the toddler food or not.

It’s also time to start learning the important skills, starting with potty right after dinner! Luckily Jaguar has learnt all of his skills already, so the parents can focus on Tortoise completely in this aspect.

Though this might not be for long, because the lack of orange eyes means more babies will have to follow! And so Fox and Ariel find each other once again under the sheets to hopefully produce a suitable heir this time.

And while we wait for the first signs of succes, Tortoise enjoys her life as a brand new toddler. Just like her older brother, she loves hiding out in the box of toys, waiting for mommy Fox or daddy Ariel to come and find her.

Fox loves her baby girl, even though she’s not fit to be heir, it doesn’t make Fox any less affectionate towards her. Now that Fox has completed her LTW, she has all the time in the world to take care of her two children. They hardly ever face any problems!

When Ariel is not at work or playing important chess matches, he takes some time to teach his daughter how to walk and talk. ‘Now listen to me, Tortoise. You might be what they call a spare, but that doesn’t mean you will be treated like Cinderella. You have the right to do great things just like any other member of this family! The only dishes you will wash in the future are your own! Do you understand?’ Maybe you should really try to have a bit more simple conversations with your toddlers Ariel…

There it is! The first sign of another baby! Fox is experiencing morning sickness, a feeling she knows a little bit too well for her own taste. If it is up to her, this is the last time she has to go through this, blegh!

In preparation for the kids growing up, the house is expanded again. There an attic area with three rooms for the kids to use once they pass the toddler stage. Can you still remember the ‘house’ Fox built the first day she settled in Lucky Palms? What a change!

At the start of this chapter we had a birthday, so we will conclude it with another! It’s time for Jaguar to grow up into a child and to start taking on the first responsibilities of life, called homework and chores…

Jaguar looks a lot like his father, though his hair grows a bit more wildly. It fits his future prospect of becoming an artist. Jaguar will be taking care of the portraits needed for the legacy challenge. Once the opportunity strikes, he will accept the Visionary LTW!

And so this episode ends with Jaguar running straight to the easel after finishing his birthday cake, to start on his very first painting. Soon, we have another pregnancy coming up! But it will have to wait for the next episode.

And then there were 2!

Another baby is born, and life in the legacy house starts to get a little busy! Ariel changes his LTW to have a better chance at completing it, and Fox now has to deal with slight wrinkles on her face…

Taking a glance at the picture below, you have probably noticed that Fox is wearing different clothes again. This is indeed because she is pregnant. This doesn’t stop her from making sure Jaguar grows up being fully educated about how to not pee in his pants though.

In the meantime, Ariel risks his life poking inside the tv with a screwdriver… Miraculously he actually fixed the tv this way, though I’m pretty sure the repair guy wouldn’t have done it this way.

When Jaguar isn’t busy getting taught how to walk, talk and potty, he loves to watch tv. Fox really needs to pay more attention to what he’s watching though, because that cowplant doesn’t look too friendly…

Well, no time to see what happens to the cowplant and the blond lady, because Fox is going into labour! For convenience, she moves herself to the kid’s room. Hospitals are for losers, she’s gonna give birth right next to the potty.

Fox gives birth to a lovely baby girl! Her name is Tortoise and she’s got the traits Genius and Neurotic… Quite combination if you ask me. I’m sure Tortoise will be an interesting child.

If Fox’s day hasn’t been exciting enough, it’s also time for her to age up into an adult. Since getting older at this stage is never fun, she ages up in secret. Not that she has anything to worry about, since she’s still as beautiful as she ever was.

And so life in the house of this beastly family continues, with Jaguar mostly playing inside his box of toys, and Tortoise being a cute little baby infant that doesn’t really do much besides crying when she needs something…

Fox is now the proud owner of a few money trees! They really help with the cashflow and made it possible for the house to get a significant upgrade which was definitely needed with the recent family expansion.

Since Ariel got another 4 days of maternity leave, he decided to change his LTW to Chess Legend. He now spends most of his free time inviting over ranked chess players and beating them easily! Poor opponents, being matched against a genius…

Fox is definitely the main moneymaker in the famiy. When she’s not taking care of the kids or attending her garden, she usually goes out into the world to find stuff to collect and sell. Now that she has a collection helper, it makes it a lot easier.

Ariel’s chess opponents sometimes stick around after the match, though it’s not always appreciated much. This one old lady decided it was a good idea to get the sleeping Tortoise from her crib and dump her on the floor in the living room! ‘I think it’s time you leave, gran,’ Fox grunts at her, while picking up the poor Tortoise to bring her back to her crib.

Though most of the time the kids are angels, sometimes it can be a little bit much to take care of both an infant and a toddler. Especially when one of the parents is sleeping… Don’t worry Ariel, Jaguar will be a child soon enough! Though you never know if more babies will keep coming of course…

And while Ariel keeps winning his chess games…

And Fox brings in the cash with her crops… (mind your outfit Fox! Anyone can see you out there!)

Tortoise behaves like a wonderful baby…

And Jaguar forever hides out in his favourite box of toys!

Soon, both of them will grow up one stage and we will see if Tortoise is fit to be heir, or doomed to be a spare! Jaguar will start going to school and will pick up painting to get some portraits going, but it will have to wait for the next episode…

We all love toddlers

Fox gives birth to a lovely baby boy and we watch as he grows into a toddler and does all the things cute toddlers do!

Hey everyone, just a quick note from the author! You will find time flying by in this episode, but that’s because I simply forgot to take enough screenshots during this time. My game was mainly on fast forward around this time, since I wasn’t sure yet if I was going to write a story for this legacy. This will be the last episode where a lot of time passes within a few shots! Also, in case anyone was wondering about a wedding: Fox and Ariel got married in private off-camera before Fox went into labour.

Now, where were we? Right! The baby is coming! Fox decides to deliver the baby at home, because going to the hospital is just too much hassle. She gives birth to a tiny baby boy! His name is Jaguar and his traits are Friendly and Light Sleeper (rolled randomly by the rules of the challenge).

Jaguar is a wonderful baby. Since mama is self-employed and daddy has gotten a lot of maternity leave (which in the future will be turned off so career LTW’s aren’t impossible), there’s plenty of time to take care of Jaguar. And so his days as an infant go by fast and smoothly.

Fox and Ariel have turned into a real married couple. Since they don’t have money for a TV yet, they spend most of their evenings together on the couch each reading their own book. That’s what you get for pairing up a bookworm and a genius!

Before you know it, three days have passed and it’s already time to celebrate Jaguar’s first birthday! Even though he’s way too young to blow his own candles, Fox still buys a cake for him. By the time Jaguar ages up she is already craving autumn salad instead though, so she goes ahead and starts making a serving of that, abandoning the celebration.

Jaguar turns into the spitting image of his father.  Unfortunately this means he doesn’t carry the legacy eye colour, which means he won’t be heir if one of his future siblings does take after their mother.

As Jaguar immediately crawls to his room to check out the toys there he can now finally play with, Fox and Ariel celebrate their first son’s birthday with some romance. They are still as much in love as they were the first day they met!

Though Jaguar doesn’t carry any of the legacy genes, it doesn’t make him any less cute! Just like when he was a baby, he doesn’t bother his parents much and spends most of his time playing with his toys.

‘Now that Jaguar grew into a lovely toddler, I think it’s time we consider expanding the family some more,’ Fox tells her husband one morning. ‘I couldn’t agree more,’ Ariel replied. ‘Maybe a lovely little girl this time?’ Fox smiled as she embraced him. ‘Only one way to find out!’

And so life in house Fauna continues. Ariel still enjoys some free days and Fox discovers that her plants finally have gone out of their dormant state. In the meantime, Jaguar is as lovely as you can imagine a toddler. Even though he’s a light sleeper, he has no trouble visiting the land of dreams in his comfy crib.

Ariel spends his free time training his logic skill. He aged up into an adult in private and feels the time ticking away for his LTW. Maybe he will have to change it again, especially with more babies in the future.

Fox’s LTW on the other hand couldn’t go any better! She already grew 8 perfect plants and completed her wish with still 4 days to go until she ages up into an adult!

Most of the days are enjoyed by watching the ever so cute Jaguar go on with his daily business. Anything he does needs to be captured on camera really, even his messy eating habits!

Fox has started throwing up a lot in the toilet lately. Since it’s not her first time, she recognizes it as morning sickness immediately. Soon enough the household will be welcoming another baby. Will it be a girl or another boy? We’ll have to see.

In the meantime it’s Jaguar’s turn to learn how to talk. Daddy Ariel wants him to be a journalist, so he tries to teach him all about the local newspaper. ‘…And if your article is important enough, it will go on the front page! You should always chase the best stories!’ Jaguar doesn’t really seem to understand much of it yet though…

He definitely prefers spending his time playing hide and seek in his box of toys. Fox and Ariel have quite the trouble finding Jaguar sometimes when it’s time for his nap. Maybe he should become a spy instead?

For now he can just keep playing, because luckily for him, fun is all a toddler needs to worry about. Soon enough he will be an older brother to however many siblings he might get in the future, starting with one being right around the corner!  But it will have to wait for the next episode…

The wonders of love and happiness

Fox finds love and expands her house, building a stable foundation for the start of her legacy.

Waking up the next day, Fox tends her garden. Her plants grow quickly. She’s had some luck with the plants she harvested as well, because nearly all her plants are already of an outstanding quality. It won’t be long until she’s already on the perfect level, so her lifetime wish is going very smoothly.

Knowing that for this legacy she’s not allowed to marry any rich guys, Fox decides to pay a visit to Ariel Hudson’s house to see if he might not be the right one for her after all. He’s not at home when she visits, and though his house looks neat, it’s certainly not big enough to be classified as rich. This is good! This means he is still suitable! Besides the fact that he has that newborn baby and a girlfriend though… (a baby which they left home alone on the floor btw?!)

Fox decides to call Ariel, to figure out where he’s at. Though not at home, he’s not busy either because when she asks him to meet her at the park near his house, he is up for it. They meet up and hit it off again instantly. Ariel really loves chatting with Fox, and she loves listening to his smooth voice.

Though talking is all good, Fox wants to get a move on things and makes a bold move: she goes straight for the kiss!

Ariel is surprised, but who could resist such a beautiful sim as Fox? Before he knows it, he is kissing her back, and their friendly meeting at the park turns into a romantic date.

‘Oh Fox,’ Ariel whispers in his charming voice as he holds her head and looks into her mesmerizing orange eyes. ‘You really are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! Where were you all this time?’ Fox smiles at him, completely in love. ‘I was wasting my life away in a far away place, but now I’m here and I’ll never leave!’

‘You know what,’ Ariel continues. ‘I think it’s time I break up with my girlfriend so we can be together!’ Fox looks at him, not believing her own ears. ‘Are you serious?!’ she asks. ‘Of course I am!’ he says with a big smile on his face. ‘A sim life is way too short. We shouldn’t waste it with relationships we are not happy about and right now, I will only be happy when I’m with you!’

Wow! How lucky! First she meets him by chance on the festival, and now he is totally in love with her! This must be destiny, or at least a sign that her legacy will be prosperous. And so they end their date with another kiss in front of Fox’s little home, before Ariel gets back in his car to drive home and take care of his current relationship.

The next day Ariel returns with a suitcase and 10.000 simoleons. He instantly moves in with Fox and together they have just enough money to build themselves a cute little house with a nice green garden for Fox. Ariel is actually a green thumb too and also wants a perfect garden, but for the sake of the legacy he will have to change his LTW. Since he’s on the medical career path, he will attempt to become a World Renown Surgeon.

Their new life together is wonderful. Day pass filled with kisses…

And then some days pass where they kiss even more… under the sheets!

At one evening, Ariel behaves even more romantic than he normally does. He takes the love of his life in his arms and gives her one hell of a kiss! ‘I love you so much,’ he tells her straight after. ‘I have never been happier in my life than I am with you.’

And so he goes down on one knee and proposes to Fox! ‘I just want to show that, even though I broke up so easily with my ex, with you I want to seal the deal. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and be a part of this amazing legacy you are starting. Would you marry me?’

Fox happily jumps up and down, her head far away in the clouds. ‘Yes of course I want to marry you!’ she screams, her heart pounding in her chest like crazy. She gives Ariel her hand and he puts the ring on it. ‘It’s so pretty!’ she says. Ariel smiles. ‘I’m glad you like it!’

‘I actually have something to tell you as well,’ Fox then suddenly says. Ariel looks at her, wondering what it could be. ‘What is it?’ he asks curiously. ‘Well, you might have noticed my change in clothes. This is because I went to the doctor today and found out that I’m pregnant!’ Now it’s Ariel’s turn to jump up and down like a crazy person. ‘Oh my god! That’s great! The first legacy baby is on its way!’

And with this news, summer ends and spring starts. Surprisingly enough, even in Lucky Palms the temperatures go below zero sometimes. For a while, the plants go dormant, and life for pregnant Fox is quiet and peaceful.

Until one day, the baby comes! But it will have to wait for the next episode…

Meet our Legacy Founder!

Fox Fauna settles in Lucky Palms to start her legacy. She meets the town folks and beasts! She’s completely broke though and has to find a way to make some money to build herself a decent home..

This is Fox Fauna. She’s our incredibly beautiful founder. Her LTW is The Perfect Garden, so she’s going to be a gardener. She’s a bookworm, born saleswoman, gatherer, green thumb and she loves the outdoors. All of these should help her get both her garden and some money going. Her favourite food is autumn salad, for the purpose of not having her burn the house down when she cooks. Her favourite colour is orange (big surprise there!) and she loves Soul music.
As you might have noticed, she carries the name of an animal! This will be the name theme for all of the future children born within the Fauna legacy.

Fox will settle in Lucky Palms, the ever so sunny city where winter and autumn don’t exist. This will make her gardening life a lot more easy, since plants won’t go dormant unless spring is exceptionally cold (you never know with global warming these days). The Legacy lot is located on 54 Golf Links Lane, inbetween the Petite Pony Equestrian Center, The fire department, The Bloomin g Cactus Bistro and Varg’s Tavern. Let’s just get started, shall we?

Poor Fox… literally. She only has 1300 simoleons and a huge empty lot to spend it on. Unfortunately for her, it is also mid-summer and sizzling hot outside. Walls are a luxury though, so she will have to bare with the heat in her little outdoor survival spot. It has all the basic necessities not to die, like a mini fridge, a shower, a toilet and a bed. She even has a little roof above her head, in the rare case it will be raining anytime soon.

Fox does not like getting burnt skin though, so she wastes no time and gets to work immediately. This mostly means scavenging at Grady’s Junkstop, which doesn’t give her anything besides some metal scrap that she can sell for 2 simoleons a piece.

Soon enough, Fox gives up and decides to go to the park in the city centre instead, where she finds some plants ready to be harvested. This is great, because she can plant most of these back home and start on her garden! Anything too fancy for her to plant right now she sells, and so she ends her first day with a bit of cash, a heatstroke and some cereal on the toilet.

After she has planted her first fruits and vegetables and gets ready for her first night in Lucky Palms, a deer comes by her lot to check out the new Fox in town! And this while her human neighbours haven’t even shown their face yet…

The next day, Fox spends on exploring the world she moved into. She finds a lot of rocks, gems, seeds and animals scattered around her house and further into the hot deserts of Lucky Palms.  After half a day of work, she has gathered enough seeds to expand her garden, and gathered enough money to upgrade her house! Now she finally has her own little place to take shelter from the summer heat.

Now that she’s all settled, Fox decides it’s time to meet the other folks in town. So she visits the Summer Festival in the evening and finds herself some townies… and some zombies.

There is one man in particular that catches her eye though. He is handsome and walks around the festival with a charming smile on his face. ‘Who is that?’ She asks the woman next to her who’s name she’d already forgotten. ‘That’s Ariel Hudson,’ the woman replies. ‘A nice looking fella. He has a girlfriend and a newborn child though,’ she says, as if slightly warning Fox not to go near him. But Fox doesn’t care. This guy is perfect to start a legacy with!

Not wasting any time, Fox approaches Ariel and starts to make friends. She’s so into his handsome face, that she totally doesn’t notice the zombie attack going on right behind her…

Another thing she doesn’t notice, is that while she’s busy talking about gardening and books to Ariel, a burglar came to her house and stole…. her lamp. I guess this is what they call being lucky and unlucky at the same time?

After a long and great talk with Ariel, Fox decides it’s time to go home and get her first good night sleep enclosed by four walls. There’s lots to do tomorrow. She has got a garden to tend, money to make and relationships to break! But it will have to wait for the next episode…