Meet our Legacy Founder!

Fox Fauna settles in Lucky Palms to start her legacy. She meets the town folks and beasts! She’s completely broke though and has to find a way to make some money to build herself a decent home..


This is Fox Fauna. She’s our incredibly beautiful founder. Her LTW is The Perfect Garden, so she’s going to be a gardener. She’s a bookworm, born saleswoman, gatherer, green thumb and she loves the outdoors. All of these should help her get both her garden and some money going. Her favourite food is autumn salad, for the purpose of not having her burn the house down when she cooks. Her favourite colour is orange (big surprise there!) and she loves Soul music.
As you might have noticed, she carries the name of an animal! This will be the name theme for all of the future children born within the Fauna legacy.

Fox will settle in Lucky Palms, the ever so sunny city where winter and autumn don’t exist. This will make her gardening life a lot more easy, since plants won’t go dormant unless spring is exceptionally cold (you never know with global warming these days). The Legacy lot is located on 54 Golf Links Lane, inbetween the Petite Pony Equestrian Center, The fire department, The Bloomin g Cactus Bistro and Varg’s Tavern. Let’s just get started, shall we?

Poor Fox… literally. She only has 1300 simoleons and a huge empty lot to spend it on. Unfortunately for her, it is also mid-summer and sizzling hot outside. Walls are a luxury though, so she will have to bare with the heat in her little outdoor survival spot. It has all the basic necessities not to die, like a mini fridge, a shower, a toilet and a bed. She even has a little roof above her head, in the rare case it will be raining anytime soon.

Fox does not like getting burnt skin though, so she wastes no time and gets to work immediately. This mostly means scavenging at Grady’s Junkstop, which doesn’t give her anything besides some metal scrap that she can sell for 2 simoleons a piece.

Soon enough, Fox gives up and decides to go to the park in the city centre instead, where she finds some plants ready to be harvested. This is great, because she can plant most of these back home and start on her garden! Anything too fancy for her to plant right now she sells, and so she ends her first day with a bit of cash, a heatstroke and some cereal on the toilet.

After she has planted her first fruits and vegetables and gets ready for her first night in Lucky Palms, a deer comes by her lot to check out the new Fox in town! And this while her human neighbours haven’t even shown their face yet…

The next day, Fox spends on exploring the world she moved into. She finds a lot of rocks, gems, seeds and animals scattered around her house and further into the hot deserts of Lucky Palms.  After half a day of work, she has gathered enough seeds to expand her garden, and gathered enough money to upgrade her house! Now she finally has her own little place to take shelter from the summer heat.

Now that she’s all settled, Fox decides it’s time to meet the other folks in town. So she visits the Summer Festival in the evening and finds herself some townies… and some zombies.

There is one man in particular that catches her eye though. He is handsome and walks around the festival with a charming smile on his face. ‘Who is that?’ She asks the woman next to her who’s name she’d already forgotten. ‘That’s Ariel Hudson,’ the woman replies. ‘A nice looking fella. He has a girlfriend and a newborn child though,’ she says, as if slightly warning Fox not to go near him. But Fox doesn’t care. This guy is perfect to start a legacy with!

Not wasting any time, Fox approaches Ariel and starts to make friends. She’s so into his handsome face, that she totally doesn’t notice the zombie attack going on right behind her…

Another thing she doesn’t notice, is that while she’s busy talking about gardening and books to Ariel, a burglar came to her house and stole…. her lamp. I guess this is what they call being lucky and unlucky at the same time?

After a long and great talk with Ariel, Fox decides it’s time to go home and get her first good night sleep enclosed by four walls. There’s lots to do tomorrow. She has got a garden to tend, money to make and relationships to break! But it will have to wait for the next episode…

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