The wonders of love and happiness

Fox finds love and expands her house, building a stable foundation for the start of her legacy.


Waking up the next day, Fox tends her garden. Her plants grow quickly. She’s had some luck with the plants she harvested as well, because nearly all her plants are already of an outstanding quality. It won’t be long until she’s already on the perfect level, so her lifetime wish is going very smoothly.

Knowing that for this legacy she’s not allowed to marry any rich guys, Fox decides to pay a visit to Ariel Hudson’s house to see if he might not be the right one for her after all. He’s not at home when she visits, and though his house looks neat, it’s certainly not big enough to be classified as rich. This is good! This means he is still suitable! Besides the fact that he has that newborn baby and a girlfriend though… (a baby which they left home alone on the floor btw?!)

Fox decides to call Ariel, to figure out where he’s at. Though not at home, he’s not busy either because when she asks him to meet her at the park near his house, he is up for it. They meet up and hit it off again instantly. Ariel really loves chatting with Fox, and she loves listening to his smooth voice.

Though talking is all good, Fox wants to get a move on things and makes a bold move: she goes straight for the kiss!

Ariel is surprised, but who could resist such a beautiful sim as Fox? Before he knows it, he is kissing her back, and their friendly meeting at the park turns into a romantic date.

‘Oh Fox,’ Ariel whispers in his charming voice as he holds her head and looks into her mesmerizing orange eyes. ‘You really are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! Where were you all this time?’ Fox smiles at him, completely in love. ‘I was wasting my life away in a far away place, but now I’m here and I’ll never leave!’

‘You know what,’ Ariel continues. ‘I think it’s time I break up with my girlfriend so we can be together!’ Fox looks at him, not believing her own ears. ‘Are you serious?!’ she asks. ‘Of course I am!’ he says with a big smile on his face. ‘A sim life is way too short. We shouldn’t waste it with relationships we are not happy about and right now, I will only be happy when I’m with you!’

Wow! How lucky! First she meets him by chance on the festival, and now he is totally in love with her! This must be destiny, or at least a sign that her legacy will be prosperous. And so they end their date with another kiss in front of Fox’s little home, before Ariel gets back in his car to drive home and take care of his current relationship.

The next day Ariel returns with a suitcase and 10.000 simoleons. He instantly moves in with Fox and together they have just enough money to build themselves a cute little house with a nice green garden for Fox. Ariel is actually a green thumb too and also wants a perfect garden, but for the sake of the legacy he will have to change his LTW. Since he’s on the medical career path, he will attempt to become a World Renown Surgeon.

Their new life together is wonderful. Day pass filled with kisses…

And then some days pass where they kiss even more… under the sheets!

At one evening, Ariel behaves even more romantic than he normally does. He takes the love of his life in his arms and gives her one hell of a kiss! ‘I love you so much,’ he tells her straight after. ‘I have never been happier in my life than I am with you.’

And so he goes down on one knee and proposes to Fox! ‘I just want to show that, even though I broke up so easily with my ex, with you I want to seal the deal. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and be a part of this amazing legacy you are starting. Would you marry me?’

Fox happily jumps up and down, her head far away in the clouds. ‘Yes of course I want to marry you!’ she screams, her heart pounding in her chest like crazy. She gives Ariel her hand and he puts the ring on it. ‘It’s so pretty!’ she says. Ariel smiles. ‘I’m glad you like it!’

‘I actually have something to tell you as well,’ Fox then suddenly says. Ariel looks at her, wondering what it could be. ‘What is it?’ he asks curiously. ‘Well, you might have noticed my change in clothes. This is because I went to the doctor today and found out that I’m pregnant!’ Now it’s Ariel’s turn to jump up and down like a crazy person. ‘Oh my god! That’s great! The first legacy baby is on its way!’

And with this news, summer ends and spring starts. Surprisingly enough, even in Lucky Palms the temperatures go below zero sometimes. For a while, the plants go dormant, and life for pregnant Fox is quiet and peaceful.

Until one day, the baby comes! But it will have to wait for the next episode…

3 thoughts on “The wonders of love and happiness

    1. Yeah I thought about it but since my plants are usually dormant for 5 days tops and Fox already completed her ltw i dont really have dire need for it now. I dont have winter or autumn enabled since Lucky Palms doesnt seem like the kind of place where it’d snow!

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