We all love toddlers

Fox gives birth to a lovely baby boy and we watch as he grows into a toddler and does all the things cute toddlers do!


Hey everyone, just a quick note from the author! You will find time flying by in this episode, but that’s because I simply forgot to take enough screenshots during this time. My game was mainly on fast forward around this time, since I wasn’t sure yet if I was going to write a story for this legacy. This will be the last episode where a lot of time passes within a few shots! Also, in case anyone was wondering about a wedding: Fox and Ariel got married in private off-camera before Fox went into labour.

Now, where were we? Right! The baby is coming! Fox decides to deliver the baby at home, because going to the hospital is just too much hassle. She gives birth to a tiny baby boy! His name is Jaguar and his traits are Friendly and Light Sleeper (rolled randomly by the rules of the challenge).

Jaguar is a wonderful baby. Since mama is self-employed and daddy has gotten a lot of maternity leave (which in the future will be turned off so career LTW’s aren’t impossible), there’s plenty of time to take care of Jaguar. And so his days as an infant go by fast and smoothly.

Fox and Ariel have turned into a real married couple. Since they don’t have money for a TV yet, they spend most of their evenings together on the couch each reading their own book. That’s what you get for pairing up a bookworm and a genius!

Before you know it, three days have passed and it’s already time to celebrate Jaguar’s first birthday! Even though he’s way too young to blow his own candles, Fox still buys a cake for him. By the time Jaguar ages up she is already craving autumn salad instead though, so she goes ahead and starts making a serving of that, abandoning the celebration.

Jaguar turns into the spitting image of his father.  Unfortunately this means he doesn’t carry the legacy eye colour, which means he won’t be heir if one of his future siblings does take after their mother.

As Jaguar immediately crawls to his room to check out the toys there he can now finally play with, Fox and Ariel celebrate their first son’s birthday with some romance. They are still as much in love as they were the first day they met!

Though Jaguar doesn’t carry any of the legacy genes, it doesn’t make him any less cute! Just like when he was a baby, he doesn’t bother his parents much and spends most of his time playing with his toys.

‘Now that Jaguar grew into a lovely toddler, I think it’s time we consider expanding the family some more,’ Fox tells her husband one morning. ‘I couldn’t agree more,’ Ariel replied. ‘Maybe a lovely little girl this time?’ Fox smiled as she embraced him. ‘Only one way to find out!’

And so life in house Fauna continues. Ariel still enjoys some free days and Fox discovers that her plants finally have gone out of their dormant state. In the meantime, Jaguar is as lovely as you can imagine a toddler. Even though he’s a light sleeper, he has no trouble visiting the land of dreams in his comfy crib.

Ariel spends his free time training his logic skill. He aged up into an adult in private and feels the time ticking away for his LTW. Maybe he will have to change it again, especially with more babies in the future.

Fox’s LTW on the other hand couldn’t go any better! She already grew 8 perfect plants and completed her wish with still 4 days to go until she ages up into an adult!

Most of the days are enjoyed by watching the ever so cute Jaguar go on with his daily business. Anything he does needs to be captured on camera really, even his messy eating habits!

Fox has started throwing up a lot in the toilet lately. Since it’s not her first time, she recognizes it as morning sickness immediately. Soon enough the household will be welcoming another baby. Will it be a girl or another boy? We’ll have to see.

In the meantime it’s Jaguar’s turn to learn how to talk. Daddy Ariel wants him to be a journalist, so he tries to teach him all about the local newspaper. ‘…And if your article is important enough, it will go on the front page! You should always chase the best stories!’ Jaguar doesn’t really seem to understand much of it yet though…

He definitely prefers spending his time playing hide and seek in his box of toys. Fox and Ariel have quite the trouble finding Jaguar sometimes when it’s time for his nap. Maybe he should become a spy instead?

For now he can just keep playing, because luckily for him, fun is all a toddler needs to worry about. Soon enough he will be an older brother to however many siblings he might get in the future, starting with one being right around the corner!  But it will have to wait for the next episode…

3 thoughts on “We all love toddlers

  1. I love the name Jaguar. ❤ He is so cute! Fox is very beautiful too. I enjoy the way you are writing this legacy. 😊 Can't wait to see the next baby or babies!


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