And then there were 2!

Another baby is born, and life in the legacy house starts to get a little busy! Ariel changes his LTW to have a better chance at completing it, and Fox now has to deal with slight wrinkles on her face…


Taking a glance at the picture below, you have probably noticed that Fox is wearing different clothes again. This is indeed because she is pregnant. This doesn’t stop her from making sure Jaguar grows up being fully educated about how to not pee in his pants though.

In the meantime, Ariel risks his life poking inside the tv with a screwdriver… Miraculously he actually fixed the tv this way, though I’m pretty sure the repair guy wouldn’t have done it this way.

When Jaguar isn’t busy getting taught how to walk, talk and potty, he loves to watch tv. Fox really needs to pay more attention to what he’s watching though, because that cowplant doesn’t look too friendly…

Well, no time to see what happens to the cowplant and the blond lady, because Fox is going into labour! For convenience, she moves herself to the kid’s room. Hospitals are for losers, she’s gonna give birth right next to the potty.

Fox gives birth to a lovely baby girl! Her name is Tortoise and she’s got the traits Genius and Neurotic… Quite combination if you ask me. I’m sure Tortoise will be an interesting child.

If Fox’s day hasn’t been exciting enough, it’s also time for her to age up into an adult. Since getting older at this stage is never fun, she ages up in secret. Not that she has anything to worry about, since she’s still as beautiful as she ever was.

And so life in the house of this beastly family continues, with Jaguar mostly playing inside his box of toys, and Tortoise being a cute little baby infant that doesn’t really do much besides crying when she needs something…

Fox is now the proud owner of a few money trees! They really help with the cashflow and made it possible for the house to get a significant upgrade which was definitely needed with the recent family expansion.

Since Ariel got another 4 days of maternity leave, he decided to change his LTW to Chess Legend. He now spends most of his free time inviting over ranked chess players and beating them easily! Poor opponents, being matched against a genius…

Fox is definitely the main moneymaker in the famiy. When she’s not taking care of the kids or attending her garden, she usually goes out into the world to find stuff to collect and sell. Now that she has a collection helper, it makes it a lot easier.

Ariel’s chess opponents sometimes stick around after the match, though it’s not always appreciated much. This one old lady decided it was a good idea to get the sleeping Tortoise from her crib and dump her on the floor in the living room! ‘I think it’s time you leave, gran,’ Fox grunts at her, while picking up the poor Tortoise to bring her back to her crib.

Though most of the time the kids are angels, sometimes it can be a little bit much to take care of both an infant and a toddler. Especially when one of the parents is sleeping… Don’t worry Ariel, Jaguar will be a child soon enough! Though you never know if more babies will keep coming of course…

And while Ariel keeps winning his chess games…

And Fox brings in the cash with her crops… (mind your outfit Fox! Anyone can see you out there!)

Tortoise behaves like a wonderful baby…

And Jaguar forever hides out in his favourite box of toys!

Soon, both of them will grow up one stage and we will see if Tortoise is fit to be heir, or doomed to be a spare! Jaguar will start going to school and will pick up painting to get some portraits going, but it will have to wait for the next episode…

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