Ahh, they grow up so fast!

It’s time for both Jaguar and Tortoise to grow up to the next stage of their lives. Fox and Ariel work hard to be the best parents they can be!


Blow up the balloons, gather the confetti! It’s Tortoise’s birthday today! With Fox in her pajama’s and Ariel in his not-so-formal formal wear the family gathers around the cake to watch Tortoise grow up into a toddler.

Tortoise has really big eyes like her mom, but unfortunately they are the wrong colour which means she is doomed to be a spare. This doesn’t mean she’s not significant though, because she’s gonna provide us with plenty of cute toddler pictures in the near future! Besides that, het genius/neurotic traits should be interesting enough to keep a close eye on her…

Because the family is dealing with two toddlers now instead of one and quite possibly more in the future, Fox decides to buy Tortoise a turtle-shaped play table for her birthday!

Of course it’s her older brother Jaguar who gets his greedy hands on the building blocks first though. Somehow, older siblings always want what the younger siblings get…

Tortoise gets to try out real food on a plate for the first time as well. Looking at her face, it seems like she isn’t sure yet whether she likes the toddler food or not.

It’s also time to start learning the important skills, starting with potty right after dinner! Luckily Jaguar has learnt all of his skills already, so the parents can focus on Tortoise completely in this aspect.

Though this might not be for long, because the lack of orange eyes means more babies will have to follow! And so Fox and Ariel find each other once again under the sheets to hopefully produce a suitable heir this time.

And while we wait for the first signs of succes, Tortoise enjoys her life as a brand new toddler. Just like her older brother, she loves hiding out in the box of toys, waiting for mommy Fox or daddy Ariel to come and find her.

Fox loves her baby girl, even though she’s not fit to be heir, it doesn’t make Fox any less affectionate towards her. Now that Fox has completed her LTW, she has all the time in the world to take care of her two children. They hardly ever face any problems!

When Ariel is not at work or playing important chess matches, he takes some time to teach his daughter how to walk and talk. ‘Now listen to me, Tortoise. You might be what they call a spare, but that doesn’t mean you will be treated like Cinderella. You have the right to do great things just like any other member of this family! The only dishes you will wash in the future are your own! Do you understand?’ Maybe you should really try to have a bit more simple conversations with your toddlers Ariel…

There it is! The first sign of another baby! Fox is experiencing morning sickness, a feeling she knows a little bit too well for her own taste. If it is up to her, this is the last time she has to go through this, blegh!

In preparation for the kids growing up, the house is expanded again. There an attic area with three rooms for the kids to use once they pass the toddler stage. Can you still remember the ‘house’ Fox built the first day she settled in Lucky Palms? What a change!

At the start of this chapter we had a birthday, so we will conclude it with another! It’s time for Jaguar to grow up into a child and to start taking on the first responsibilities of life, called homework and chores…

Jaguar looks a lot like his father, though his hair grows a bit more wildly. It fits his future prospect of becoming an artist. Jaguar will be taking care of the portraits needed for the legacy challenge. Once the opportunity strikes, he will accept the Visionary LTW!

And so this episode ends with Jaguar running straight to the easel after finishing his birthday cake, to start on his very first painting. Soon, we have another pregnancy coming up! But it will have to wait for the next episode.

4 thoughts on “Ahh, they grow up so fast!

    1. Yeah, now that I’m playing Sims 3 again I really notice Toddlers are one of the most fun parts of the whole family gameplay. I could take a thousand screenshots of their innocent faces!


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