The Jaguar, the Tortoise and the Wolf

Another child is welcomed into the Fauna family, and Fox spends most of her time being the perfect mom. Ariel completes his LTW, and Jaguar takes on the boring responsibility of doing homework!


First of all my apologies for the delay of this post. I was not at home this weekend and had forgotten my external harddrive which carries the screenshots of this legacy. But anyways, here I am! Ready to continue our story. We will start off with some wonderful news:

Fox is pregnant again! She already predicted it, but now it’s official. Another baby is on the way, don’t you just love the mystery of what it will be?

Tortoise finally found her turtle play table and is having lots of fun with the building blocks. Since she’s neurotic, she always puts them next to each other in the exact same order. Sometimes, her brother Jaguar messes them up again on purpose and this makes her freak out!

Fox is completely motivated to get a lovely orange-eyed baby this time, so she goes to the library to read some pregnancy books. She might be hoping to get more than one baby this time…

Next to painting, Jaguar has started on his other responsibility now that he’s a child: homework! He’s a really good kid, he always does his homework straight out of school. He doesn’t even need any help to finish it!

Ariel is getting himself up in the ranks of chess. He’s nearly rank 5 so that means his LTW is almost completed! He hasn’t lost a single match yet since he started playing ranked, which is quite admirable. Maybe his genius trait has something to do with it.

Before you know it, time flies by and Fox is already going into labour! While Ariel is panicking like a crazy idiot right behind her (not being helpful at ALL), Tortoise doesn’t even notice her mom is in excruciating pain… Her doll is way more interesting.

No twins or triplets unfortunately, but Fox does give birth to a lovely baby boy. She names him Wolf, his traits are Loves the Outdoors and Athletic, a nice combination we got there, even though we had to randomly roll for them.

Right after the birth of Wolf, Ariel invites over the last ranked player for a match and wins! He has now completed his LTW and right on time, because he will be an elder soon. Not that he wouldn’t be able to continue his wish then, but it’s always nice to complete one before the elder stage.

Fox completely focuses on taking care of Tortoise and Wolf. She loves to be a mother, and spends most of her time on it. Sometimes she even bothers her babies for a hug while they are asleep…

Tortoise continues to learn all the skills she need. Walking is the last one on the list.

Though she also has plenty of time to enjoy her toys. Enjoy them while you still can, tortoise. Soon enough you will have a little brother who’s old enough to use them as well and you might have to fight for them!

Though the kids are angels most of the time, life isn’t perfect not even at the Fauna house. Sometimes Fox just really wants some naptime for herself, but dirty diapers can’t wait!

Jaguar is working hard on his painting skills. He wants to get portraits up of his mom and dad before they reach the elder stage. He only has a few days left, so he better hurry.

Let’s finish this chapter with a birthday once again! I’m sure everyone is very curious as to what colour Wolf’s eyes will be, and it’s time to age him up.

For Jaguar this is an important moment, since it will determine if he will be the next heir or not. But he shows no anxiousness or jealousy at all. He is such a good boy!

Wolf makes the magic spin and ages up! He is an exact copy of his mom! Congratulations to Wolf for being the heir of generation 2! His eyes are beautiful, and so is his lovely red hair. He looks like he will be quite the handsome heir, or at least a super cute toddler! But more pictures of his cuteness will have to wait for the next episode…

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