Teen troubles and pranks

Ariel turns into an elder, and helps out Wolf with his homework. Tortoise gets herself in trouble, and the teens start a little prank war!


We had been waiting for it for a while, but now it is finally and unfortunately happening: Ariel is turning into an elder! Since he really has no desire to ‘celebrate’ this sad occasion, he just aged up next to his chess table.


Age really took away all his handsome traits. All we can see now is a grandpa unfortunately.. I’m sure Fox will miss his handsome face, but she will love him regardless of course.


The two spares of the family, now both teenagers, are working hard on getting their LTW done as soon as possible, so they can move out and start their own families once they are young adults.


Wolf is mostly forever stuck doing his homework. Since he’s got the stupid trait, he really has a hard time finishing it. Luckily a few opportunities to improve his grades came along, so he manages to stay in the green, but an A is still very far away and his birthday is actually quite close.


Day and night he works on it, stressing himself out a lot. His siblings aren’t much of a help. They prefer eating breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of taking the time to help their little brother out.


Luckily, Wolf has got a grandpa dad who is retired and has all the time in the world to help him out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really improve the speed of finishing the homework. He still has to work hours on it to get it done and is only able to actually finish his homework when he has got a whole weekend for it.


Now that Fox doesn’t have to take care of her kids anymore like when they were toddlers, she spends most of her free time reading all the books from their personal library. She is four days younger than her husband, so her elder birthday is coming up soon as well.


Tortoise is a kleptomaniac and tries to sneak out in the early morning to do some stealing at the neighbour’s house. Unfortunately, Lucky Palms has psychic cops who immediately catches her being outside during her curfew… She tries to run for it…!


But unfortunately the cops catches her anyways and brings her home. (he was actually waiting for her at the house, and she ran straight into him…)


And so it’s the first time Fox has to scold one of her children! ‘How dare you go out at 5am in the morning to break into the neighbour’s house?! Are you insane?! This is not how I raised you! You are GROUNDED missy!’


As soon as Fox is out of sight, Tortoise calls her love interest to complain about her mom. ‘I just can’t believe it. I only wanted to nick some stuff so that we could pay for the furniture we are still missing! I just want a normal TV you know, and a toilet that doesn’t clog all the damn time! Anyways, it seems we will have to postpone our date because my mom just grounded me. UGH!’


Being completely bored inside the house, Tortoise takes it out on her older brother by pranking their shower. Jaguar is not pleased at ALL, being the victim of misplaced revenge…


But, he’s not the only one that knows how to pull a prank, so he gives Tortoise a taste of her own medicine, by pranking the toilet. Ohh, the mischief!


The prank hits its target, and Tortoises gets completely soaked! That’s what you get for messing with your older brother…


While Fox is out and about collecting gems and animals to sell them at the consignment shop, Ariel decides to let Tortoise off the hook so she can go on her date after all. ‘I’m sure you have learned your lesson by now. I will talk to your mom. You go along and have fun with your boy at the park. Love is more important than your punishment! Did you know I met your mother at the exact same park you are going to now? You will never know when you might meet your true love! Grab every chance you get!’
‘Thanks dad, but it’s really just a teen date. No need to think about marriages yet… I’ve only been a teen for a few days now after all.’
‘Trust me kid, time flies. I know all about it. My gray hair is proof of that.’


And so Tortoise is allowed to go on her date after all! But how it turns out and what her love interest looks like? It will have to wait for the next episode…

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