Postponing elderhood one last time!

Tortoise goes on a date with her love interest, and Fox enjoys her last night as an adult!


It’s date time! Finally our lovely generation two kids are at the right age to start exploring the wonders of love. Who would’ve thought that our neurotic kleptomaniac Tortoise would be the first one to score a date? His name is Weston Loera-Dreamer and he’s quite handsome.


Tortoise and Weston decide to have some fun at the festival park, just like her dad advised her to do. Weston surprises her by suddenly throwing a water balloon at her, but Tortoise is (despite her name) agile enough to avoid it! They start a real battle and spend most of the day splashing balloons at each other.


‘You know, Weston, I really like you. I feel like you’re the only one that truly gets me, unlike my parents or my stupid siblings…’ Tortoise confesses to her date. She’s got a really big crush on him.


Weston smiles at her. ‘To me you are the most beautiful girl in the school! I’ve had my eye on you since the first day in class. You are just so interesting and smart! And how you stole that pen from that idiot bully Derick King-Diwan, that was just amazing.’ He stands a little bit closer to her and looks at her with a shy glance. ‘May I kiss you?’
‘Why do you even ask.’


With that shy kiss, Tortoise is everything but satisfied, so she decides to take the wheel and grabs what she wants!


‘So, now that we kissed and all, wanna be my boyfriend?’ she asks him right after. Weston immediately agrees! And so they kiss once more.


‘We should go home now, my love. It will get dark soon and we don’t want you grounded again for skipping curfew,’ Weston tells his brand new girlfriend. Tortoise agrees, though secretly she couldn’t care less about curfew. ‘Alright, I’ll miss you!’


Tortoise watches her brand new boyfriend leave the park with a loving smile on her face. She’s never looked this friendly before!


Later that evening, Fox decides to celebrate her last night as an adult. Tomorrow it’s her elder birthday, so she’s got one more day left to enjoy her youth. She decides to visit the Prosper Room, where she can hang out in the VIP lounge without being bothered by paparazzi or fans, since she’s a two-star celebrity at the moment. On her way up, she gets stuck in the elevator though!


Luckily the VIP-lounge has a fancy hot tub where she can wear off that embarrassment.  She takes the time to over think her live so far. When she thinks back to her first day in Lucky Palms, she’s quite proud of what she has accomplished. A loving husband, three beautiful kids and an amazing place to live… she couldn’t wish for anything more!


The rest of the evening, she spends having fun! There’s a bubble machine where she tries out all the tastes.. hopefully no one heard her burp, whoops.


And there are arcade games in which she totally loses herself!


By the time it’s midnight, the music turns up and the dance floor opens! And so Fox rushes to the dance floor to enjoy her young and healthy body for as long as she can!


After having one last drink, she decides it’s time to go home and face the fact that the elder stage is waiting for her. It’s time to spend her days gardening, reading and cooking nice meals for the kids.


The next day it’s also time for Wolf’s teen birthday! Ariel takes one last chance to pinch the cheeks of his cute kid. ‘In a moment you will be a teen and I won’t have any cute and puffy cheeks to punch anymore! Just let me be this one time..’
‘Ugh… dad… can we please move on to the cake now?!’


And so Wolf gets to blow out the candles with the whole family present! He actually managed to get a B in school, which is quite the accomplishment considering his stupid trait.


He turns into quite the handsome teen! He gains the random trait bot-fan, not very significant but ahh well, at least he’s gonna be quite the stunner for the ladies in high school! Whether he can find some lovely girls there, will have to wait for the next episode…


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