Love at first sight

Fox finally ages up into an elder, and Wolf gains a crush on the prettiest girl in class! Will she like him too?


Last time we saw our future heir Wolf age up into a lovely and mostly handsome teenager. Since he won’t be able to charm girls with his brain, it’s good that he has got the looks! Since anything geeky won’t be suitable for him, Wolf decided he wants to become a firefighter. And so, immediately after his birthday, he runs to the tv to start working out.


Ariel has also picked up a new skill: writing. He’s going to use it to make the family some extra money, because they have been a bit short on cash lately.


While staying on the topic of skills, since Jaguar wants to become a visionary he bought himself a book about photography at the consignment shop and started upping his skill to level 3. He will max out his painting skill before actively pursuing photography, but it’s always good to have a little head start. For some reason, he always wants to read by the pool though… strange guy.


As the evening approaches, there is another birthday that can’t be avoided. Fox doesn’t feel like having a party though, so she just ages up on the front porch.


Even though her youth has gone, Fox as an elder is still beautiful.  Her radiant eyes are still filled with life, and she will make sure all her children are set up for a good future before she leaves this world.


Wolf became a victim of a prank! Though the question is, who did it? He doesn’t know, so taking revenge will be hard.


Even though Fox is an elder now, she doesn’t stop with her work as a gardener. Though more and more of her plants are getting barren and she isn’t replanting any new ones, there are still plenty to take care of.


Whenever she’s not working on her garden, she loves to relax in the pool. Especially when it’s a lovely day like this one!


The next day Wolf goes to high school for the first time and he immediately falls in love with the prettiest girl in class! He spots her for the first time as she runs out of the school building on her way home. Her name is Allanna and she lives on the other side of town.


Wolf decides not to waste any time on homework he will never finish anyways and he visits Allanna at her house! After introducing himself, it’s instantly clear that the two are made for each other.


‘I’m glad you came over. It’s hard to make friends at the first day of school you know, so I’m happy that we get to be friends now,’ she tells him with a lovely smile.


‘When I saw you, I instantly knew that I wanted to get to know you better. You might be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!’ Wolf tells her with a straight face. He really seems to be confident about his chances with her.


Allanna answers him with an even more mesmerizing smile. ‘Ohh! That’s so nice of you to say, haha! I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful time together.’ Doesn’t she have beautiful eyes?


Wolf leaves her house before curfew to avoid any scolding. While he enjoys some leftover birthday cake, he talks to his older sister about his newfound crush. ‘You should take her to the park, it’s really the best spot for dates. I took Weston there and he ended up being my boyfriend!’ Tortoise advises him.


Love is everywhere. Even still with the two oldest members of the house, who have loved each other and will love each other their whole lives. Nothing ever came between them, isn’t that beautiful?


The next day, the teens go on a fieldtrip together to the mausoleum. They learn a lot about the dead, and how it’s inevitable for everyone, including their parents who will one day rest here as well. Though maybe it would be nice to have a special graveyard for the legacy bloodline…


Wolf doesn’t concern himself with any of that yet though. He’s way too busy swaying the heart and mind of Allanna! Straight after the fieldtrip he calls her to meet up together at the pool.


Jaguar on the other hand has always been a good kid and would never skip his homework for dates with girls. On the contrary, he decides to do his homework right here at the graveyard. This might be a little too much…


Wolf and Allanna find each other at the entrance of the pool and completely forget to go inside. They are way too caught up in each other and talk for hours right in front of the door!


After the sun went down, Wolf decides to make his move. While Allanna is talking about athletics, a trait they both share, he suddenly grabs her and kisses her in the heat of the moment!


Though surprised at first, Allanna doesn’t doubt her own feelings and answers his kiss just as passionately. And so the two spend the rest of the evening tasting each other’s lips at the pool.


They just can’t get enough!


That is, until they get broken up by the police! Whoops, they totally forgot about curfew. And so their date ends, with a ride back home in the back of a police car.


While Wolf and Allanna had their date, Jaguar aged up into a young-adult! Unfortunately he totally forgot about it so there was no birthday cake.


Jaguar grows a little scruffy beard and turns out to be a really handsome sim! He gains the trait Supernatural Fan (which is unfortunate because there are no supernatural creatures in this legacy). Now it’s time for him to completely focus on completing his LTW, so he can find love and move out! But it will have to wait for the next episode…


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