The magical park

Jaguar graduates and bumps into someone very lovely! Wolf continues his romance and it’s time for Tortoise to age up as well.


Becoming a young adult, it’s time for Jaguar’s graduation! He spent most of his life as a teenager training his painting skill and doing his homework, so he never really got into any romantic relationships besides a fling at prom.


But at the graduation ceremony, he suddenly sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen! Her name is Betsy and she’s actually Weston’s older sister! (Tortoise’s boyfriend).


Love seems to be in the air for everyone in the Fauna family now. as Wolf calls his new crush Alanna for a date in the park. Even though they aren’t officially in a relationship yet, they great each other with a kiss.


They try out the skating court, and at first it seems to go really well! They romantically spin around in a circle, though it’s a little clumsy as well.


It was bound to happen, as the spinning goes faster and faster both of them lose their balance and BOOM! There they are, on the floor. Ouch…


Safely back into their own shoes without wheels under them, the two decide to watch the sunset together. ‘You know, when I first saw you, I could’ve never dreamed that we’d be here like this, in the park together. Did you know this is where my parents first met?’ Wolf tells Alanna.


‘You didn’t tell me, but it seems like this park is magical to your family…’ Alanna answers, as she moves in closer to cozy up.


And so, under the colourful evening sky, the two of them decide that it’s time to make it official. They seal their relationship with a kiss and are now officially boyfriend/girlfriend!


In the meantime, some changes are made to the garden around the house. Because Paparazzi were continuously bothering the family, it is time to put up a gate. In addition to this, the garden is expanded and a garage is added for the cars. Now there is plenty of space for wedding arches and graveyards in the future.


Because Jaguar can’t paint his own portrait, Fox decides to pick up the painting skill as well so the portrait collection can be complete. She prefers painting next to her garden, in the fresh outside air.


Wolf, completely in love with his new girlfriend, invites her over to the house the next evening to hang out, though they mostly just kiss in the garden.


Though Alanna also insists on making some homework, since she’s not as keen on ignoring the whole homework thing as Wolf is. Since he doesn’t wanna look too stupid in her eyes, he decides to join her. Not to his great amusement though.


His patience pays off though, since she ends up staying the night!


The next day it’s time for the next sibling to age up into a young adult already, Time flies by thes e days! Tortoise blows out her candles and ages up.


Tortoise turns into a beautiful young adult. She gains the flirty trait and changes her hairstyle a little bit. Her lip really doesn’t look that strange anymore!


Now that both Jaguar and Tortoise are young adults, it’s time for them to finish up their LTW’s. Jaguar still needs most of his photography skill, so he decides to take a solo trip to Al Simhara! But the adventures he has there, will have to wait for the next episode…


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