The secrets of Al Simhara

Jaguar goes on adventures to get is photography skill going in Al Simhara! When he returns, it’s time for Tortoise to graduate, and Wolf goes to prom!


Ahh… the warm sun of Al Simhara! Jaguar starts his adventure in the land of mummies and pyramids by buying himself the best camera he can get. It’s time to get that photography skill going!

He decides to dive into the tomb next to the camp first to take some pictures of ancient artifacts and treasures there. Of course, while he’s at it, he has to find his way out again as well.

During his adventure, Jaguar bumps into plenty of gold! He decides to risk getting cursed and opens every chest and grabs every pile of gold he can get!

Jaguar really shows no fear as he wanders in deeper and deeper into the tomb. All he can think about is the amazing pictures he can take of the mysteries hiding inside!

After a few hours of solving puzzles and filling his pocket with ancient gold, Jaguar finds the exit! He returns to the camp to make himself some dinner to prepare for his next adventure.

And so, while the sun is setting, Jaguar sets out to travel through the vast and beautiful nature of Al Simhara, in search for more pyramids and other secret tombs to take stunning pictures of.

He finds a big pyramid which has a hidden door! Jaguar ventures inside, excited about all the secrets he will find inside.

Inside, Jaguar doesn’t only find more secret doors, secret keys and secret treasures, he also finds a secret indoor garden!

Too caught up with the beauty of the place, Jaguar accidentally steps into a trap! Luckily it’s not a deadly one, but it does leave him soaked in some really stinky fluid…

Jaguar brought Shower in a Can with him, but every time he tries to use it he pees his pants! Maybe the stinky fluid was cursed, or maybe Shower in a Can just really sucks.

Having to abandon the pyramid because of this unfortunate accident, Jaguar cleans up back at the camp and decides to go enjoy some lovely views instead. He is able to take a great picture of the Sfinx!

Before he knows it, the vacation is already over. Jaguar got his photography skill up to nearly 8 points, so he should be able to complete his LTW back home in Lucky Palms. He’s gonna miss the adventurous Al Simhara though!

He’s back just in time for Tortoise’s graduation! Ohmy, the kids really have grown up so fast…

Wolf tries to get his handiness skill going by reading a skill book, but it really takes him way too long with the stupid trait.

Now that she doesn’t have to worry about school and homework anymore, Tortoise is also able to fully focus on completing her LTW. She doesn’t need any fancy trips to complete hers though.

Fox finishes the portrait of Jaguar! Jaguar also paints Tortoise’s portrait, so that all the grown-ups have a portrait now.

It’s also finally time for Wolf to go to prom! Even though Alanna is already a young adult now, she¬† still goes with him as his date and they have a great time together.

Jaguar completes his LTW after taking some nice shots of the town! This means he can now focus on finding love and moving out! Guess who he calls to hang out with?

It’s Betsy! But to see how their meeting ends, we will have to wait for the next episode…

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