Season finale: a date, a proposal, and a wedding!

Jaguar seals the deal with the love of his life in this very last chapter of generation one! Wolf finally grows up into a young adult and takes over the legacy torch from his mom.


This chapter will be the last chapter of generation one. Since Wolf will turn into a young adult this episode, it’s time to officially switch to generation two. We’ve got lots to celebrate in this season finale!

So Jaguar goes out with Betsy, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He invites her to the bistro, though they can’t really eat there since apparently there is no industrial oven on the lot. Instead, they spend time at the entrance. Jaguar surprises Betsy with a lovely bouquet of red roses.

Since she’s really happy with them, Jaguar decides to make a bold move instantly and he kisses her in the heat of the moment!

Betsy is really surprised again, though this time her face actually looks just surprised, not necessarily happy. Will she accept his kiss?

She does! Unable to resist the romantic handsome man in front of her she returns his kiss and there they are, kissing on the porch of the bistro right in the public (while Betsy is actually married, whoops!)

They have a great time together, and they can’t keep their eyes off each other. It’s amazing how successful the generation two kids are when it comes to love. they all capture the most handsome folks in town, no matter if they are already in a relationship or not!

When the evening strikes, it’s time to go home. Jaguar kisses his new love goodbye with a very romantic dip-kiss, making sure she won’t forget him when she has to return to her husband tonight. She promised to divorce him though, so that’s a start.

In the meantime, Tortoise fully focuses on her skills. She’s got her logic at level 9 and her athletic skill soon to be completed. She’s almost there! Though when she’s done, finding love will be easy for Tortoise since she still has her boyfriend from high school: Weston.

Wolf and Fox spend some time together in front of the TV. Fox explains the responsibilities of being heir to him. ‘You will have to make sure you get a baby who carries your yellow eyes. This one will be the next heir! Are you sure you and Alanna can take care of lots of babies? You might have to have eight of them before you get one with the right eyes!’
‘Mom, please! I’m still a teenager, can we not talk about making eight babies right now?? It’s awkward!’

The next day Betsy shows up at the Fauna house, to tell Jaguar she got rid of her husband. ‘I’m all yours now,’ she tells him with a loving smile. ‘Nothing can stop us anymore from being together forever!’

And so they seal the deal by officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jaguar asks if Betsy wants to spend the night at the legacy house, and she agrees. She doesn’t want to go home at all!

That night they fall in love even more and prove it to each other underneath the sheets, creating fireworks made of hearts.

Betsy is clearly very happy about what happened that night when she gets out of bed in the morning. She can’t hide her smile and even the way she walks reveals her happiness.

Totally being head over heels, Jaguar decides that there’s never going to be any other woman in his life that will make him as happy as Betsy does. And so he dresses up in his best outfit and goes down on one knee!

Betsy instantly accepts his proposal, admiring the lovely ring he bought for her. ‘I can’t believe this! Yesterday I was still in a divorce, and now I’m getting married again!’
‘You don’t think it’s too soon, do you?’ Jaguar asks her.
‘Noo! I love it! I’m really happy! We should get married right away. Let’s organize a great party!’

And so the next day they invite everyone they know for a lovely wedding in the garden. Alanna and Weston are there too, to get a taste of what it’s like to marry into the Fauna legacy!

The ceremony starts and Betsy and Jaguar exchange their vows to each other. ‘Ever since I first saw you, I knew you were the most beautiful woman I’d ever meet in my life. And soon I found out you are smart and funny too! I can’t wait to start a life together with you.’ The whole crowd applauds to Jaguar’s wonderful vows and some of them even cry!

They exchange rings with a bright smile on their face. Luckily, living in Lucky Palms means there’s great weather most of the time. It makes the scenery look wonderful and romantic despite the desert surrounding them.

They seal their marriage with a lovely kiss in front of the crowd. Of course, none of them sat down, as always. Nonetheless they enjoyed the wedding fully!

The ceremony ends with the cutting of the wedding cake. It doesn’t only look amazing, but very delicious as well. Surely the guests will make it disappear in an instant.

After the ceremony Betsy takes a trip to the mirror to enhance her looks a little bit. Isn’t she stunning? This town really has created a lot of beautiful sims!

The wedding ends with a very important birthday! It’s time for the heir to age up into a young adult and take the legacy torch from his mother. Wolf ages up in the company of lots of family and friends.

He turns into a really handsome young adult! I’m sure Alanna is very pleased with the way her boyfriend turned out. He gains the trait Loves the Heat, which will fit his future firefighter career. We will now move on to the next generation in this legacy, but how Wolf will do as a heir? It will have to wait for the next episode…

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