The Wolf takes over

Tortoise moves on so the next generation has enough space to continue the legacy. Wolf joins the firefighter career and Alanna joins the family!


Un fortunately, the second generation starts off with a death… of the pigmy tortoise! Wolf is really broken up about it. He’s not ready yet to clean the cage and move on, so he just spends time mourning the tortoise at the dirty cage instead.

Since Jaguar and Betsy are married now, it’s time for them to move to a place of their own, so they can start their own family. They move into a wooden cabin pretty close to the legacy house!

Seeing her brother leave, Tortoise realizes it’s time for her to move on and leave the legacy house as well. She’s gonna miss this place, but she has to make room for future legacy children.

So she calls her boyfriend Weston and asks to meet him at the park at the town square. Even though they haven’t spent much quality time lately because Tortoise worked hard on completing her LTW, they are still madly in love.

‘So Weston, my brother’s wedding was a great inspiration to me! It made me realize that I want that too with the guy I love, and that guy is you! So, will you marry me?’ Tortoise goes down on one knee and pops out a ring!

Weston is extremely happy! He says yes immediately. ‘This is like a dream! I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you,’ he answers, after which he gives her a long and loving kiss.

‘You know what, I can’t wait any longer. I want to be married to you right now!’ Tortoise suddenly says. ‘Why go through all the trouble of organizing a huge party if we can just get married right here on the spot?’ Weston agrees, and so they exchange wedding rings right there in the park.

While his sister is getting married in the park, Wolf graduates at the city hall! Who would have ever thought he’d get this far with his stupid trait, but he turned out pretty well in the end.

When he gets home, he is just in time to witness Tortoise and Weston moving out to their own little place. All the spares have officially moved out now! It’s just Wolf, Ariel and Fox now, though both Ariel and Fox are getting pretty old.

It’s time for Wolf to sign up as a firefighter! He signed up today and will start his profession very soon. His LTW is a tricky one since it’s based on luck (not every job involves rescuing sims), but let’s hope he gets to complete it! Otherwise we might have to pick a different one.

And of course, it’s also time for Alanna to join the legacy house as the official spouse of generation two! Wolf invites her over and greets her with an amazing kiss.

Pretty soon after, he asks her if she wants to move in with him and she says yes! At least now he’s not all alone with two elders anymore, and he gets to have the love of his life around him 24/7!

Alanna makes a small trip to the mirror and gets herself a stunning make-over. If it were possible, I’m pretty sure Wolf is even more in love with his girlfriend now.

The next day it’s time for Wolf’s first day at work! Unfortunately he misses the one and only emergency call, so he spends most his time on training his athletic skill.

When he comes home, he decides that it’s time to take the next step towards continuing the Fauna legacy. He asks Alanna to follow him into the garden and goes down on one knee!

Alanna instantly says yes to his proposal. ‘I can’t believe this is finally happening! High school sweethearts getting married, it’s like a dream!’ she says as she admires her lovely ring.

‘I wouldn’t want to continue this legacy with anyone else but you, my love,’ Wolf tells her, as he gives her a tight hug. Such a happy couple!

And so the the second generation of this legacy is off to a good start, with a wedding coming up soon and maybe even babies in the near future! But it will have to wait for the next episode…

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