Surrounded by babies!

Alanna is pregnant! It’s time for legacy babies to pop into the world again. Meanwhile, Wolf works hard on his firefighter career and catches up with some family members.


Last episode we left right when Wolf and Alanna decided to break down the old legacy house and rebuild a new one! The new house is a bit more wild and compact. There are four bedrooms, one baby room, a library, dining hall, kitchen, living room, hobby room and three bathrooms! Enough space for the next generation.

Even though the house is smaller, its value is actually higher! All cash is gone now so it’s time to work hard and start making money again. And so Wolf makes sure he doesn’t meet a single day at the fire station.

He gets a new emergency every day now, though most of them are either building disasters or small kitchen fires, so he still didn’t get the opportunity to rescue any sims yet…

Alanna spends most of her time reading pregnancy books and relaxing as much as possible, because she’s pregnant!

Wolf decides to catch up with his family after work and pays a visit to Jaguar and his wife. They don’t have any children nor are planning for one at the moment. They are perfectly happy with just the two of them.

Before you know it, it’s already time for Alanna to go into labour! It’s right in the middle of the night when both Alanna and Wolf get woken up by the birth of their first child. Wolf isn’t being very helpful though…

Alanna gives birth to a beautiful baby boy! His name is Shark and he has the traits Evil and Virtuoso. And so the first potential heir of generation three sets foot to earth!

Wolf and Alanna are so happy with their new baby, that they want to get more of them immediately! And so they go back to bed right away to create more babies. Alanna’s LTW is to have five of them after all!

The next day, inbetween taking care of Shark, Alanna has to run to the toilet quite a few times to throw up. It seems that more babies are on the way.

Shark doesn’t take up much attention, so Alanna is able to take care of him well while Wolf is at work putting out fires like a real superhero.

Still no big fires though. If luck keeps abandoning Wolf this way, he might have to change his LTW into something else, like physical perfection.

When he’s home, he finds some time to read pregnancy books as well, though considering his stupid trait it takes him way too long to finish the books.

He gives up soon and escapes to Tortoise’s house on the other side of town. She does have a baby together with Weston! Though when Wolf visits, the poor baby is just laying on the floor…

While Shark isn’t even a toddler yet, Alanna is already starting to show her next upcoming baby. She really loves being pregnant and takes every opportunity to smile and stroke her growing belly.

While being pregnant and taking care of Shark, Alanna has some free time to pick up some skills. She tries chess, but really doesn’t enjoy it very much.

In the end, what Alanna enjoys most is to just watch kids programs, listen to the kids radio and read more pregnancy books. She is really into taking care of her family and making her LTW come true. She even dragged Wolf with her to the hospital for them both to get a fertility treatment.

Wolf’s fatherly feelings also come out at work! After putting out a small house fire, he stops to give the baby in the house a bottle!

Days pass by, and suddenly, while making some waffles, Alanna goes into labour once again!

She rushes to the baby room so she can give birth next to the new crib. Wolf finds her soon enough and is once again not much of a help.

Another baby boy pops into the world! His name is Scorpion and he has the traits Absent-Minded and Athletic, like both of his parents.

But Alanna isn’t done yet! Another baby follows Scorpion and joins the legacy. It’s a girl! Her name is Gazelle and she carries the traits Disciplined and Easily Impressed.

And the babies won’t stop coming, because a third one appears! It’s another girl. Her name is Panda and she has the traits Perceptive and Slob. Wow, three babies! That sure speeds up Alanna’s LTW completion.

But it seems a miracle has happened, because even after Panda, another baby pops up. OMG, it’s quadruplets! The last baby is another boy, with the name Eagle. His traits are Excitable and Friendly. Remember the order of birth well, because this will be the order of heritage as well: Shark -> Scorpion -> Gazelle -> Panda -> Eagle. Who will become the 3rd generation heir?

Because the house is way more compact than the previous one, there’s actually no room available for four new cribs. Until a solution is found, four of the five babies will have to sleep in the hallway.

And so the house is now dealing with FIVE babies at once! Luckily Wolf got some days off from work to help out with all these babies. Tomorrow it’s time for Shark’s birthday, but it will have to wait for the next episode.

2 thoughts on “Surrounded by babies!

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of babies with one try! Good luck with them. 😉 I love their names! Hopefully at least one of them has the eyes…


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