And the new heir is….!

Alanna and Wolf work fulltime on taking care of their five children. Soon enough it’s time for them to age up and see who the next heir will be!


It’s time for Shark’s first birthday! Together with his mom, who is still in her wonderful maternity dress, and his dad he blows out the candles.

Shark ages up into a lovely toddler, looking exactly like his mom.  He doesn’t carry the legacy eye colour, so if one of his younger sibling does, he is doomed to be a spare.

Taking care of the babies and Shark is a fulltime job for both Alanna and Wolf now. They hardly have time to attend to their needs. Now that Shark is a toddler, he needs to learn how to walk, potty and talk too.

Even though their own lives are on hold right now, Alanna is still as happy as she can be. Being surrounded by family is all she wanted, so she’s most happy when taking care of her babies.

Shark is a super cute and handsome toddler, he loves playing in the box of toys while his parents are busy taking care of his four younger siblings. For now he’s still innocent, but soon enough his evil trait should start to surface…

It’s not always fun and happiness when you have four babies and a toddler though. Even Alanna sometimes loses her patience!

Still she finds time to teach Shark how to walk during the brief moments the quadruplets are asleep. Shark actually manages to learn all his toddler skills in time!

Inbetween taking care of the babies, feeding them, changing their diapers, snuggling and playing with them…

…Wolf has to take care of broken stuff like the TV. Even though he is quite handy by now, he still got electrocuted when he tried to repair it! Luckily he survived, pfew!

Soon enough, it’s time for the quadruplets to age up into toddlers! Five toddlers is going to be quite a handful, but at least they will all be super cute! First one to age up is Scorpion.

He turns into a lovely Toddler with mysterious blond hair (no clue where he got it from) and his grandfather’s green eyes. This means he is officially a spare now, though a super cute one!

Next one to age up is Gazelle!

And we have got our generation three heir! Gazelle looks exactly like her father and grandmother, with dark red hair and the stunning orange legacy eyes! This also means Shark is now officially a spare as well.

The third one in line is Panda…

Panda ages up into a lovely girl with her father’s red hair and friendly dark eyes.

The last one to transform into the toddler stage is Eagle!

Just like Gazelle, he carries the legacy eyes! Unfortunately Gazelle is just a few minutes older and so she will be the new heir instead of him. Ariel’s genes are really strong in this generation, with his haircolour being passed on to Eagle.

And so all babies are now toddlers! Soon it will be time for Wolf to go back to work, so Alanna is going to have a real challenge taking care of all of them. Luckily she has found some great cribs somewhere and now all the toddlers can stay in one room.

At least the toddlers needs won’t deplete as soon as when they were babies, so Alanna and Wolf finally find a moment to sleep together again.

How will they manage these five toddlers? Will they get a chance to teach them some skills or will their needs fully occupy them? It will have to wait for the next episode…

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