Goodbye innocent toddlers, hello rebellious teens!

Fox doesn’t hide the fact that she adores her new heir. She also tries her luck at the casino! We make a little timejump and enter the stage of teenhood.


Hey guys, I’ve got some bad news 😦 I cleaned up my sims game the other day and forgot to save all my screenshots! So we have a little bit of a timejump halfway through this post. Luckily it was only one or two simweeks, so no generations are lost or anything. This does mean our new heir Wolf will have a very short toddler stage though :(. My apologies for my idiocy! Besides this, I also cleaned up my CC and added a whole bunch of new CC, including default-replacement skin and eyes. I couldn’t retrace Fox’ hair, so she will have a change of looks this episode!

Fox is madly in love with her new heir. She literally spends all her time with him, sometimes even forgetting that she has another toddler that needs her attention…


Though usually Ariel takes up the task of learning the toddlers how to talk, this time Fox doesn’t even allow him to take the opportunity. She spends hours talking to Wolf, and is overjoyed every time he manages to speak a few words back.


‘One day, it will be your responsibility to continue this legacy, Wolf. I’m sure you will do an amazing job, considering you are such a handsome little boy! By the time you are a teenager, all the girls in school will stand in line to be your girlfriend,’ Fox tells him while she’s reading him a book. Wolf seems to think it’s all part of the story, but he’s all ears!


When not pampered by his mom, Wolf likes to play with Tortoise at the turtle play table. Since Wolf can’t fully talk yet, they don’t have any conversations, but Tortoise allows her little brother to mess up her neurotic block system so that shows their relationship is just fine.


Though Fox loves to stay home with the kids, sometimes she goes a little stir crazy and then it’s time to have some fun! There’s a new casino in town so Fox decides to try her luck there. This is a great decision because very soon after she starts pulling the slot machine, she wins the jackpot of 5.000 simoleons!


Fox is not done with the machine though, completely convinced that she’s on a luck streak, she keeps trying, but it seems that the machine already gave her all its money. As if the thing hadn’t just given her 5.000 simoleons, she kicks it in anger. Oh Fox… don’t you know when to stop being greedy?


In the meantime, Ariel grabs his chance to spend some time with his new son as well. Since he doesn’t dare to interfere with Fox’ talking lessons, he decides to stick to potty training.


Soon enough, it’s time for Tortoise’s birthday! She has learned all the necessary skills and is ready to join Jaguar in the world of school and homework. Since Auriel is at work and Jaguar is at school, Tortoise celebrates her birthday with just her mom.


She ages up into a lovely girl, though I’ve got to say her lower lip is a little strange. It seems to be an unlucky combination between her father’s chin and her mother’s lips, but it does give her a unique expression. She gains the trait Night Owl.


Fox decides to redecorate the house a little bit with the 5.000 simoleons she won at the casino. Both the kitchen and the living room have some more details now (you can see Tortoise on the way to the mirror to change her hair to the picture above)




Unfortunately, this is where my screenshots got lost and we will make a jump forward in time! In this blank period, both Jaguar and Tortoise age up to teenagers and Wolf ages up into a child. To my great surprise, Fox and Ariel are still adults. I guess they were further away from becoming an elder than I thought. Fox earns a lot of money with collecting rocks and selling plants, to the point that the family decides to completely tear down the house and build up a new one! It’s a lot bigger, a little bit too big even because I ran out of money before I was able to fully furnish it. That’s okay though, since it will motivate the family to find more ways to make money so the furnishing can be completed.


Fox had a little makeover. She changed her hair and her eyebrows. You might also notice that her skin and eyes look different. That’s because I installed CC default-replacements for both of them. Her new look suits her very well!


Jaguar managed to tame his hair when he turned into a teenager, so it’s a bit more neat now than when he was a child. He’s doing great at school and managed to increase his painting skill up to level 7! He inherited the Good trait from his dad.


This means he was able to paint the portraits of his parents. I still need to figure out who’s gonna paint his portrait but I’m sure one of the family members will have some time to pick up the skill.


Tortoise had quite the extreme make over when she turned into a teenager. She gained the trait Kleptomaniac and turned into a total rebel teen, dying her hair and wearing dark make-up. She’s still a genius though, and she picked the Perfect Mind, Perfect Body LTW.


And then there is our heir of course. He turned into a lovely child, except for the fact that he rolled the Stupid trait… Because of this he takes ages to do his homework and has to take on all opportunities regarding grades to stay in the green. He hasn’t figured out yet what LTW to pick. Superstar Athlete seems to be the logical choice, but he might choose to be a firefighter instead!


Jaguar and Tortoise both already went to prom, neither with a date though Jaguar did try to get one lady to like him but he had no success. After the prom they both returned with love interests though! And Jaguar even made it to prom king!



And so life at the Fauna household took a drastic turn, leaving behind the toddler stage and now dealing with two teenagers! Oh and let’s not forget the newest member of the family: a pigmy tortoise!


Fox and Ariel still love each other very much, though the kids growing up does make them realize that their most important time has passed, and now it’s time for the legacy to shift focus to the little ones. What adventures will the kids from generation 2 get themselves into? It will have to wait for the next episode…