Season finale: a date, a proposal, and a wedding!

Jaguar seals the deal with the love of his life in this very last chapter of generation one! Wolf finally grows up into a young adult and takes over the legacy torch from his mom.


This chapter will be the last chapter of generation one. Since Wolf will turn into a young adult this episode, it’s time to officially switch to generation two. We’ve got lots to celebrate in this season finale!

So Jaguar goes out with Betsy, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He invites her to the bistro, though they can’t really eat there since apparently there is no industrial oven on the lot. Instead, they spend time at the entrance. Jaguar surprises Betsy with a lovely bouquet of red roses.

Since she’s really happy with them, Jaguar decides to make a bold move instantly and he kisses her in the heat of the moment!

Betsy is really surprised again, though this time her face actually looks just surprised, not necessarily happy. Will she accept his kiss?

She does! Unable to resist the romantic handsome man in front of her she returns his kiss and there they are, kissing on the porch of the bistro right in the public (while Betsy is actually married, whoops!)

They have a great time together, and they can’t keep their eyes off each other. It’s amazing how successful the generation two kids are when it comes to love. they all capture the most handsome folks in town, no matter if they are already in a relationship or not!

When the evening strikes, it’s time to go home. Jaguar kisses his new love goodbye with a very romantic dip-kiss, making sure she won’t forget him when she has to return to her husband tonight. She promised to divorce him though, so that’s a start.

In the meantime, Tortoise fully focuses on her skills. She’s got her logic at level 9 and her athletic skill soon to be completed. She’s almost there! Though when she’s done, finding love will be easy for Tortoise since she still has her boyfriend from high school: Weston.

Wolf and Fox spend some time together in front of the TV. Fox explains the responsibilities of being heir to him. ‘You will have to make sure you get a baby who carries your yellow eyes. This one will be the next heir! Are you sure you and Alanna can take care of lots of babies? You might have to have eight of them before you get one with the right eyes!’
‘Mom, please! I’m still a teenager, can we not talk about making eight babies right now?? It’s awkward!’

The next day Betsy shows up at the Fauna house, to tell Jaguar she got rid of her husband. ‘I’m all yours now,’ she tells him with a loving smile. ‘Nothing can stop us anymore from being together forever!’

And so they seal the deal by officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jaguar asks if Betsy wants to spend the night at the legacy house, and she agrees. She doesn’t want to go home at all!

That night they fall in love even more and prove it to each other underneath the sheets, creating fireworks made of hearts.

Betsy is clearly very happy about what happened that night when she gets out of bed in the morning. She can’t hide her smile and even the way she walks reveals her happiness.

Totally being head over heels, Jaguar decides that there’s never going to be any other woman in his life that will make him as happy as Betsy does. And so he dresses up in his best outfit and goes down on one knee!

Betsy instantly accepts his proposal, admiring the lovely ring he bought for her. ‘I can’t believe this! Yesterday I was still in a divorce, and now I’m getting married again!’
‘You don’t think it’s too soon, do you?’ Jaguar asks her.
‘Noo! I love it! I’m really happy! We should get married right away. Let’s organize a great party!’

And so the next day they invite everyone they know for a lovely wedding in the garden. Alanna and Weston are there too, to get a taste of what it’s like to marry into the Fauna legacy!

The ceremony starts and Betsy and Jaguar exchange their vows to each other. ‘Ever since I first saw you, I knew you were the most beautiful woman I’d ever meet in my life. And soon I found out you are smart and funny too! I can’t wait to start a life together with you.’ The whole crowd applauds to Jaguar’s wonderful vows and some of them even cry!

They exchange rings with a bright smile on their face. Luckily, living in Lucky Palms means there’s great weather most of the time. It makes the scenery look wonderful and romantic despite the desert surrounding them.

They seal their marriage with a lovely kiss in front of the crowd. Of course, none of them sat down, as always. Nonetheless they enjoyed the wedding fully!

The ceremony ends with the cutting of the wedding cake. It doesn’t only look amazing, but very delicious as well. Surely the guests will make it disappear in an instant.

After the ceremony Betsy takes a trip to the mirror to enhance her looks a little bit. Isn’t she stunning? This town really has created a lot of beautiful sims!

The wedding ends with a very important birthday! It’s time for the heir to age up into a young adult and take the legacy torch from his mother. Wolf ages up in the company of lots of family and friends.

He turns into a really handsome young adult! I’m sure Alanna is very pleased with the way her boyfriend turned out. He gains the trait Loves the Heat, which will fit his future firefighter career. We will now move on to the next generation in this legacy, but how Wolf will do as a heir? It will have to wait for the next episode…

The secrets of Al Simhara

Jaguar goes on adventures to get is photography skill going in Al Simhara! When he returns, it’s time for Tortoise to graduate, and Wolf goes to prom!

Ahh… the warm sun of Al Simhara! Jaguar starts his adventure in the land of mummies and pyramids by buying himself the best camera he can get. It’s time to get that photography skill going!

He decides to dive into the tomb next to the camp first to take some pictures of ancient artifacts and treasures there. Of course, while he’s at it, he has to find his way out again as well.

During his adventure, Jaguar bumps into plenty of gold! He decides to risk getting cursed and opens every chest and grabs every pile of gold he can get!

Jaguar really shows no fear as he wanders in deeper and deeper into the tomb. All he can think about is the amazing pictures he can take of the mysteries hiding inside!

After a few hours of solving puzzles and filling his pocket with ancient gold, Jaguar finds the exit! He returns to the camp to make himself some dinner to prepare for his next adventure.

And so, while the sun is setting, Jaguar sets out to travel through the vast and beautiful nature of Al Simhara, in search for more pyramids and other secret tombs to take stunning pictures of.

He finds a big pyramid which has a hidden door! Jaguar ventures inside, excited about all the secrets he will find inside.

Inside, Jaguar doesn’t only find more secret doors, secret keys and secret treasures, he also finds a secret indoor garden!

Too caught up with the beauty of the place, Jaguar accidentally steps into a trap! Luckily it’s not a deadly one, but it does leave him soaked in some really stinky fluid…

Jaguar brought Shower in a Can with him, but every time he tries to use it he pees his pants! Maybe the stinky fluid was cursed, or maybe Shower in a Can just really sucks.

Having to abandon the pyramid because of this unfortunate accident, Jaguar cleans up back at the camp and decides to go enjoy some lovely views instead. He is able to take a great picture of the Sfinx!

Before he knows it, the vacation is already over. Jaguar got his photography skill up to nearly 8 points, so he should be able to complete his LTW back home in Lucky Palms. He’s gonna miss the adventurous Al Simhara though!

He’s back just in time for Tortoise’s graduation! Ohmy, the kids really have grown up so fast…

Wolf tries to get his handiness skill going by reading a skill book, but it really takes him way too long with the stupid trait.

Now that she doesn’t have to worry about school and homework anymore, Tortoise is also able to fully focus on completing her LTW. She doesn’t need any fancy trips to complete hers though.

Fox finishes the portrait of Jaguar! Jaguar also paints Tortoise’s portrait, so that all the grown-ups have a portrait now.

It’s also finally time for Wolf to go to prom! Even though Alanna is already a young adult now, she  still goes with him as his date and they have a great time together.

Jaguar completes his LTW after taking some nice shots of the town! This means he can now focus on finding love and moving out! Guess who he calls to hang out with?

It’s Betsy! But to see how their meeting ends, we will have to wait for the next episode…

The magical park

Jaguar graduates and bumps into someone very lovely! Wolf continues his romance and it’s time for Tortoise to age up as well.

Becoming a young adult, it’s time for Jaguar’s graduation! He spent most of his life as a teenager training his painting skill and doing his homework, so he never really got into any romantic relationships besides a fling at prom.


But at the graduation ceremony, he suddenly sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen! Her name is Betsy and she’s actually Weston’s older sister! (Tortoise’s boyfriend).


Love seems to be in the air for everyone in the Fauna family now. as Wolf calls his new crush Alanna for a date in the park. Even though they aren’t officially in a relationship yet, they great each other with a kiss.


They try out the skating court, and at first it seems to go really well! They romantically spin around in a circle, though it’s a little clumsy as well.


It was bound to happen, as the spinning goes faster and faster both of them lose their balance and BOOM! There they are, on the floor. Ouch…


Safely back into their own shoes without wheels under them, the two decide to watch the sunset together. ‘You know, when I first saw you, I could’ve never dreamed that we’d be here like this, in the park together. Did you know this is where my parents first met?’ Wolf tells Alanna.


‘You didn’t tell me, but it seems like this park is magical to your family…’ Alanna answers, as she moves in closer to cozy up.


And so, under the colourful evening sky, the two of them decide that it’s time to make it official. They seal their relationship with a kiss and are now officially boyfriend/girlfriend!


In the meantime, some changes are made to the garden around the house. Because Paparazzi were continuously bothering the family, it is time to put up a gate. In addition to this, the garden is expanded and a garage is added for the cars. Now there is plenty of space for wedding arches and graveyards in the future.


Because Jaguar can’t paint his own portrait, Fox decides to pick up the painting skill as well so the portrait collection can be complete. She prefers painting next to her garden, in the fresh outside air.


Wolf, completely in love with his new girlfriend, invites her over to the house the next evening to hang out, though they mostly just kiss in the garden.


Though Alanna also insists on making some homework, since she’s not as keen on ignoring the whole homework thing as Wolf is. Since he doesn’t wanna look too stupid in her eyes, he decides to join her. Not to his great amusement though.


His patience pays off though, since she ends up staying the night!


The next day it’s time for the next sibling to age up into a young adult already, Time flies by thes e days! Tortoise blows out her candles and ages up.


Tortoise turns into a beautiful young adult. She gains the flirty trait and changes her hairstyle a little bit. Her lip really doesn’t look that strange anymore!


Now that both Jaguar and Tortoise are young adults, it’s time for them to finish up their LTW’s. Jaguar still needs most of his photography skill, so he decides to take a solo trip to Al Simhara! But the adventures he has there, will have to wait for the next episode…


Love at first sight

Fox finally ages up into an elder, and Wolf gains a crush on the prettiest girl in class! Will she like him too?

Last time we saw our future heir Wolf age up into a lovely and mostly handsome teenager. Since he won’t be able to charm girls with his brain, it’s good that he has got the looks! Since anything geeky won’t be suitable for him, Wolf decided he wants to become a firefighter. And so, immediately after his birthday, he runs to the tv to start working out.


Ariel has also picked up a new skill: writing. He’s going to use it to make the family some extra money, because they have been a bit short on cash lately.


While staying on the topic of skills, since Jaguar wants to become a visionary he bought himself a book about photography at the consignment shop and started upping his skill to level 3. He will max out his painting skill before actively pursuing photography, but it’s always good to have a little head start. For some reason, he always wants to read by the pool though… strange guy.


As the evening approaches, there is another birthday that can’t be avoided. Fox doesn’t feel like having a party though, so she just ages up on the front porch.


Even though her youth has gone, Fox as an elder is still beautiful.  Her radiant eyes are still filled with life, and she will make sure all her children are set up for a good future before she leaves this world.


Wolf became a victim of a prank! Though the question is, who did it? He doesn’t know, so taking revenge will be hard.


Even though Fox is an elder now, she doesn’t stop with her work as a gardener. Though more and more of her plants are getting barren and she isn’t replanting any new ones, there are still plenty to take care of.


Whenever she’s not working on her garden, she loves to relax in the pool. Especially when it’s a lovely day like this one!


The next day Wolf goes to high school for the first time and he immediately falls in love with the prettiest girl in class! He spots her for the first time as she runs out of the school building on her way home. Her name is Allanna and she lives on the other side of town.


Wolf decides not to waste any time on homework he will never finish anyways and he visits Allanna at her house! After introducing himself, it’s instantly clear that the two are made for each other.


‘I’m glad you came over. It’s hard to make friends at the first day of school you know, so I’m happy that we get to be friends now,’ she tells him with a lovely smile.


‘When I saw you, I instantly knew that I wanted to get to know you better. You might be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!’ Wolf tells her with a straight face. He really seems to be confident about his chances with her.


Allanna answers him with an even more mesmerizing smile. ‘Ohh! That’s so nice of you to say, haha! I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful time together.’ Doesn’t she have beautiful eyes?


Wolf leaves her house before curfew to avoid any scolding. While he enjoys some leftover birthday cake, he talks to his older sister about his newfound crush. ‘You should take her to the park, it’s really the best spot for dates. I took Weston there and he ended up being my boyfriend!’ Tortoise advises him.


Love is everywhere. Even still with the two oldest members of the house, who have loved each other and will love each other their whole lives. Nothing ever came between them, isn’t that beautiful?


The next day, the teens go on a fieldtrip together to the mausoleum. They learn a lot about the dead, and how it’s inevitable for everyone, including their parents who will one day rest here as well. Though maybe it would be nice to have a special graveyard for the legacy bloodline…


Wolf doesn’t concern himself with any of that yet though. He’s way too busy swaying the heart and mind of Allanna! Straight after the fieldtrip he calls her to meet up together at the pool.


Jaguar on the other hand has always been a good kid and would never skip his homework for dates with girls. On the contrary, he decides to do his homework right here at the graveyard. This might be a little too much…


Wolf and Allanna find each other at the entrance of the pool and completely forget to go inside. They are way too caught up in each other and talk for hours right in front of the door!


After the sun went down, Wolf decides to make his move. While Allanna is talking about athletics, a trait they both share, he suddenly grabs her and kisses her in the heat of the moment!


Though surprised at first, Allanna doesn’t doubt her own feelings and answers his kiss just as passionately. And so the two spend the rest of the evening tasting each other’s lips at the pool.


They just can’t get enough!


That is, until they get broken up by the police! Whoops, they totally forgot about curfew. And so their date ends, with a ride back home in the back of a police car.


While Wolf and Allanna had their date, Jaguar aged up into a young-adult! Unfortunately he totally forgot about it so there was no birthday cake.


Jaguar grows a little scruffy beard and turns out to be a really handsome sim! He gains the trait Supernatural Fan (which is unfortunate because there are no supernatural creatures in this legacy). Now it’s time for him to completely focus on completing his LTW, so he can find love and move out! But it will have to wait for the next episode…


Postponing elderhood one last time!

Tortoise goes on a date with her love interest, and Fox enjoys her last night as an adult!

It’s date time! Finally our lovely generation two kids are at the right age to start exploring the wonders of love. Who would’ve thought that our neurotic kleptomaniac Tortoise would be the first one to score a date? His name is Weston Loera-Dreamer and he’s quite handsome.


Tortoise and Weston decide to have some fun at the festival park, just like her dad advised her to do. Weston surprises her by suddenly throwing a water balloon at her, but Tortoise is (despite her name) agile enough to avoid it! They start a real battle and spend most of the day splashing balloons at each other.


‘You know, Weston, I really like you. I feel like you’re the only one that truly gets me, unlike my parents or my stupid siblings…’ Tortoise confesses to her date. She’s got a really big crush on him.


Weston smiles at her. ‘To me you are the most beautiful girl in the school! I’ve had my eye on you since the first day in class. You are just so interesting and smart! And how you stole that pen from that idiot bully Derick King-Diwan, that was just amazing.’ He stands a little bit closer to her and looks at her with a shy glance. ‘May I kiss you?’
‘Why do you even ask.’


With that shy kiss, Tortoise is everything but satisfied, so she decides to take the wheel and grabs what she wants!


‘So, now that we kissed and all, wanna be my boyfriend?’ she asks him right after. Weston immediately agrees! And so they kiss once more.


‘We should go home now, my love. It will get dark soon and we don’t want you grounded again for skipping curfew,’ Weston tells his brand new girlfriend. Tortoise agrees, though secretly she couldn’t care less about curfew. ‘Alright, I’ll miss you!’


Tortoise watches her brand new boyfriend leave the park with a loving smile on her face. She’s never looked this friendly before!


Later that evening, Fox decides to celebrate her last night as an adult. Tomorrow it’s her elder birthday, so she’s got one more day left to enjoy her youth. She decides to visit the Prosper Room, where she can hang out in the VIP lounge without being bothered by paparazzi or fans, since she’s a two-star celebrity at the moment. On her way up, she gets stuck in the elevator though!


Luckily the VIP-lounge has a fancy hot tub where she can wear off that embarrassment.  She takes the time to over think her live so far. When she thinks back to her first day in Lucky Palms, she’s quite proud of what she has accomplished. A loving husband, three beautiful kids and an amazing place to live… she couldn’t wish for anything more!


The rest of the evening, she spends having fun! There’s a bubble machine where she tries out all the tastes.. hopefully no one heard her burp, whoops.


And there are arcade games in which she totally loses herself!


By the time it’s midnight, the music turns up and the dance floor opens! And so Fox rushes to the dance floor to enjoy her young and healthy body for as long as she can!


After having one last drink, she decides it’s time to go home and face the fact that the elder stage is waiting for her. It’s time to spend her days gardening, reading and cooking nice meals for the kids.


The next day it’s also time for Wolf’s teen birthday! Ariel takes one last chance to pinch the cheeks of his cute kid. ‘In a moment you will be a teen and I won’t have any cute and puffy cheeks to punch anymore! Just let me be this one time..’
‘Ugh… dad… can we please move on to the cake now?!’


And so Wolf gets to blow out the candles with the whole family present! He actually managed to get a B in school, which is quite the accomplishment considering his stupid trait.


He turns into quite the handsome teen! He gains the random trait bot-fan, not very significant but ahh well, at least he’s gonna be quite the stunner for the ladies in high school! Whether he can find some lovely girls there, will have to wait for the next episode…


Teen troubles and pranks

Ariel turns into an elder, and helps out Wolf with his homework. Tortoise gets herself in trouble, and the teens start a little prank war!

We had been waiting for it for a while, but now it is finally and unfortunately happening: Ariel is turning into an elder! Since he really has no desire to ‘celebrate’ this sad occasion, he just aged up next to his chess table.


Age really took away all his handsome traits. All we can see now is a grandpa unfortunately.. I’m sure Fox will miss his handsome face, but she will love him regardless of course.


The two spares of the family, now both teenagers, are working hard on getting their LTW done as soon as possible, so they can move out and start their own families once they are young adults.


Wolf is mostly forever stuck doing his homework. Since he’s got the stupid trait, he really has a hard time finishing it. Luckily a few opportunities to improve his grades came along, so he manages to stay in the green, but an A is still very far away and his birthday is actually quite close.


Day and night he works on it, stressing himself out a lot. His siblings aren’t much of a help. They prefer eating breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of taking the time to help their little brother out.


Luckily, Wolf has got a grandpa dad who is retired and has all the time in the world to help him out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really improve the speed of finishing the homework. He still has to work hours on it to get it done and is only able to actually finish his homework when he has got a whole weekend for it.


Now that Fox doesn’t have to take care of her kids anymore like when they were toddlers, she spends most of her free time reading all the books from their personal library. She is four days younger than her husband, so her elder birthday is coming up soon as well.


Tortoise is a kleptomaniac and tries to sneak out in the early morning to do some stealing at the neighbour’s house. Unfortunately, Lucky Palms has psychic cops who immediately catches her being outside during her curfew… She tries to run for it…!


But unfortunately the cops catches her anyways and brings her home. (he was actually waiting for her at the house, and she ran straight into him…)


And so it’s the first time Fox has to scold one of her children! ‘How dare you go out at 5am in the morning to break into the neighbour’s house?! Are you insane?! This is not how I raised you! You are GROUNDED missy!’


As soon as Fox is out of sight, Tortoise calls her love interest to complain about her mom. ‘I just can’t believe it. I only wanted to nick some stuff so that we could pay for the furniture we are still missing! I just want a normal TV you know, and a toilet that doesn’t clog all the damn time! Anyways, it seems we will have to postpone our date because my mom just grounded me. UGH!’


Being completely bored inside the house, Tortoise takes it out on her older brother by pranking their shower. Jaguar is not pleased at ALL, being the victim of misplaced revenge…


But, he’s not the only one that knows how to pull a prank, so he gives Tortoise a taste of her own medicine, by pranking the toilet. Ohh, the mischief!


The prank hits its target, and Tortoises gets completely soaked! That’s what you get for messing with your older brother…


While Fox is out and about collecting gems and animals to sell them at the consignment shop, Ariel decides to let Tortoise off the hook so she can go on her date after all. ‘I’m sure you have learned your lesson by now. I will talk to your mom. You go along and have fun with your boy at the park. Love is more important than your punishment! Did you know I met your mother at the exact same park you are going to now? You will never know when you might meet your true love! Grab every chance you get!’
‘Thanks dad, but it’s really just a teen date. No need to think about marriages yet… I’ve only been a teen for a few days now after all.’
‘Trust me kid, time flies. I know all about it. My gray hair is proof of that.’


And so Tortoise is allowed to go on her date after all! But how it turns out and what her love interest looks like? It will have to wait for the next episode…

Goodbye innocent toddlers, hello rebellious teens!

Fox doesn’t hide the fact that she adores her new heir. She also tries her luck at the casino! We make a little timejump and enter the stage of teenhood.

Hey guys, I’ve got some bad news 😦 I cleaned up my sims game the other day and forgot to save all my screenshots! So we have a little bit of a timejump halfway through this post. Luckily it was only one or two simweeks, so no generations are lost or anything. This does mean our new heir Wolf will have a very short toddler stage though :(. My apologies for my idiocy! Besides this, I also cleaned up my CC and added a whole bunch of new CC, including default-replacement skin and eyes. I couldn’t retrace Fox’ hair, so she will have a change of looks this episode!

Fox is madly in love with her new heir. She literally spends all her time with him, sometimes even forgetting that she has another toddler that needs her attention…


Though usually Ariel takes up the task of learning the toddlers how to talk, this time Fox doesn’t even allow him to take the opportunity. She spends hours talking to Wolf, and is overjoyed every time he manages to speak a few words back.


‘One day, it will be your responsibility to continue this legacy, Wolf. I’m sure you will do an amazing job, considering you are such a handsome little boy! By the time you are a teenager, all the girls in school will stand in line to be your girlfriend,’ Fox tells him while she’s reading him a book. Wolf seems to think it’s all part of the story, but he’s all ears!


When not pampered by his mom, Wolf likes to play with Tortoise at the turtle play table. Since Wolf can’t fully talk yet, they don’t have any conversations, but Tortoise allows her little brother to mess up her neurotic block system so that shows their relationship is just fine.


Though Fox loves to stay home with the kids, sometimes she goes a little stir crazy and then it’s time to have some fun! There’s a new casino in town so Fox decides to try her luck there. This is a great decision because very soon after she starts pulling the slot machine, she wins the jackpot of 5.000 simoleons!


Fox is not done with the machine though, completely convinced that she’s on a luck streak, she keeps trying, but it seems that the machine already gave her all its money. As if the thing hadn’t just given her 5.000 simoleons, she kicks it in anger. Oh Fox… don’t you know when to stop being greedy?


In the meantime, Ariel grabs his chance to spend some time with his new son as well. Since he doesn’t dare to interfere with Fox’ talking lessons, he decides to stick to potty training.


Soon enough, it’s time for Tortoise’s birthday! She has learned all the necessary skills and is ready to join Jaguar in the world of school and homework. Since Auriel is at work and Jaguar is at school, Tortoise celebrates her birthday with just her mom.


She ages up into a lovely girl, though I’ve got to say her lower lip is a little strange. It seems to be an unlucky combination between her father’s chin and her mother’s lips, but it does give her a unique expression. She gains the trait Night Owl.


Fox decides to redecorate the house a little bit with the 5.000 simoleons she won at the casino. Both the kitchen and the living room have some more details now (you can see Tortoise on the way to the mirror to change her hair to the picture above)




Unfortunately, this is where my screenshots got lost and we will make a jump forward in time! In this blank period, both Jaguar and Tortoise age up to teenagers and Wolf ages up into a child. To my great surprise, Fox and Ariel are still adults. I guess they were further away from becoming an elder than I thought. Fox earns a lot of money with collecting rocks and selling plants, to the point that the family decides to completely tear down the house and build up a new one! It’s a lot bigger, a little bit too big even because I ran out of money before I was able to fully furnish it. That’s okay though, since it will motivate the family to find more ways to make money so the furnishing can be completed.


Fox had a little makeover. She changed her hair and her eyebrows. You might also notice that her skin and eyes look different. That’s because I installed CC default-replacements for both of them. Her new look suits her very well!


Jaguar managed to tame his hair when he turned into a teenager, so it’s a bit more neat now than when he was a child. He’s doing great at school and managed to increase his painting skill up to level 7! He inherited the Good trait from his dad.


This means he was able to paint the portraits of his parents. I still need to figure out who’s gonna paint his portrait but I’m sure one of the family members will have some time to pick up the skill.


Tortoise had quite the extreme make over when she turned into a teenager. She gained the trait Kleptomaniac and turned into a total rebel teen, dying her hair and wearing dark make-up. She’s still a genius though, and she picked the Perfect Mind, Perfect Body LTW.


And then there is our heir of course. He turned into a lovely child, except for the fact that he rolled the Stupid trait… Because of this he takes ages to do his homework and has to take on all opportunities regarding grades to stay in the green. He hasn’t figured out yet what LTW to pick. Superstar Athlete seems to be the logical choice, but he might choose to be a firefighter instead!


Jaguar and Tortoise both already went to prom, neither with a date though Jaguar did try to get one lady to like him but he had no success. After the prom they both returned with love interests though! And Jaguar even made it to prom king!



And so life at the Fauna household took a drastic turn, leaving behind the toddler stage and now dealing with two teenagers! Oh and let’s not forget the newest member of the family: a pigmy tortoise!


Fox and Ariel still love each other very much, though the kids growing up does make them realize that their most important time has passed, and now it’s time for the legacy to shift focus to the little ones. What adventures will the kids from generation 2 get themselves into? It will have to wait for the next episode…


The Jaguar, the Tortoise and the Wolf

Another child is welcomed into the Fauna family, and Fox spends most of her time being the perfect mom. Ariel completes his LTW, and Jaguar takes on the boring responsibility of doing homework!

First of all my apologies for the delay of this post. I was not at home this weekend and had forgotten my external harddrive which carries the screenshots of this legacy. But anyways, here I am! Ready to continue our story. We will start off with some wonderful news:

Fox is pregnant again! She already predicted it, but now it’s official. Another baby is on the way, don’t you just love the mystery of what it will be?

Tortoise finally found her turtle play table and is having lots of fun with the building blocks. Since she’s neurotic, she always puts them next to each other in the exact same order. Sometimes, her brother Jaguar messes them up again on purpose and this makes her freak out!

Fox is completely motivated to get a lovely orange-eyed baby this time, so she goes to the library to read some pregnancy books. She might be hoping to get more than one baby this time…

Next to painting, Jaguar has started on his other responsibility now that he’s a child: homework! He’s a really good kid, he always does his homework straight out of school. He doesn’t even need any help to finish it!

Ariel is getting himself up in the ranks of chess. He’s nearly rank 5 so that means his LTW is almost completed! He hasn’t lost a single match yet since he started playing ranked, which is quite admirable. Maybe his genius trait has something to do with it.

Before you know it, time flies by and Fox is already going into labour! While Ariel is panicking like a crazy idiot right behind her (not being helpful at ALL), Tortoise doesn’t even notice her mom is in excruciating pain… Her doll is way more interesting.

No twins or triplets unfortunately, but Fox does give birth to a lovely baby boy. She names him Wolf, his traits are Loves the Outdoors and Athletic, a nice combination we got there, even though we had to randomly roll for them.

Right after the birth of Wolf, Ariel invites over the last ranked player for a match and wins! He has now completed his LTW and right on time, because he will be an elder soon. Not that he wouldn’t be able to continue his wish then, but it’s always nice to complete one before the elder stage.

Fox completely focuses on taking care of Tortoise and Wolf. She loves to be a mother, and spends most of her time on it. Sometimes she even bothers her babies for a hug while they are asleep…

Tortoise continues to learn all the skills she need. Walking is the last one on the list.

Though she also has plenty of time to enjoy her toys. Enjoy them while you still can, tortoise. Soon enough you will have a little brother who’s old enough to use them as well and you might have to fight for them!

Though the kids are angels most of the time, life isn’t perfect not even at the Fauna house. Sometimes Fox just really wants some naptime for herself, but dirty diapers can’t wait!

Jaguar is working hard on his painting skills. He wants to get portraits up of his mom and dad before they reach the elder stage. He only has a few days left, so he better hurry.

Let’s finish this chapter with a birthday once again! I’m sure everyone is very curious as to what colour Wolf’s eyes will be, and it’s time to age him up.

For Jaguar this is an important moment, since it will determine if he will be the next heir or not. But he shows no anxiousness or jealousy at all. He is such a good boy!

Wolf makes the magic spin and ages up! He is an exact copy of his mom! Congratulations to Wolf for being the heir of generation 2! His eyes are beautiful, and so is his lovely red hair. He looks like he will be quite the handsome heir, or at least a super cute toddler! But more pictures of his cuteness will have to wait for the next episode…

Ahh, they grow up so fast!

It’s time for both Jaguar and Tortoise to grow up to the next stage of their lives. Fox and Ariel work hard to be the best parents they can be!

Blow up the balloons, gather the confetti! It’s Tortoise’s birthday today! With Fox in her pajama’s and Ariel in his not-so-formal formal wear the family gathers around the cake to watch Tortoise grow up into a toddler.

Tortoise has really big eyes like her mom, but unfortunately they are the wrong colour which means she is doomed to be a spare. This doesn’t mean she’s not significant though, because she’s gonna provide us with plenty of cute toddler pictures in the near future! Besides that, het genius/neurotic traits should be interesting enough to keep a close eye on her…

Because the family is dealing with two toddlers now instead of one and quite possibly more in the future, Fox decides to buy Tortoise a turtle-shaped play table for her birthday!

Of course it’s her older brother Jaguar who gets his greedy hands on the building blocks first though. Somehow, older siblings always want what the younger siblings get…

Tortoise gets to try out real food on a plate for the first time as well. Looking at her face, it seems like she isn’t sure yet whether she likes the toddler food or not.

It’s also time to start learning the important skills, starting with potty right after dinner! Luckily Jaguar has learnt all of his skills already, so the parents can focus on Tortoise completely in this aspect.

Though this might not be for long, because the lack of orange eyes means more babies will have to follow! And so Fox and Ariel find each other once again under the sheets to hopefully produce a suitable heir this time.

And while we wait for the first signs of succes, Tortoise enjoys her life as a brand new toddler. Just like her older brother, she loves hiding out in the box of toys, waiting for mommy Fox or daddy Ariel to come and find her.

Fox loves her baby girl, even though she’s not fit to be heir, it doesn’t make Fox any less affectionate towards her. Now that Fox has completed her LTW, she has all the time in the world to take care of her two children. They hardly ever face any problems!

When Ariel is not at work or playing important chess matches, he takes some time to teach his daughter how to walk and talk. ‘Now listen to me, Tortoise. You might be what they call a spare, but that doesn’t mean you will be treated like Cinderella. You have the right to do great things just like any other member of this family! The only dishes you will wash in the future are your own! Do you understand?’ Maybe you should really try to have a bit more simple conversations with your toddlers Ariel…

There it is! The first sign of another baby! Fox is experiencing morning sickness, a feeling she knows a little bit too well for her own taste. If it is up to her, this is the last time she has to go through this, blegh!

In preparation for the kids growing up, the house is expanded again. There an attic area with three rooms for the kids to use once they pass the toddler stage. Can you still remember the ‘house’ Fox built the first day she settled in Lucky Palms? What a change!

At the start of this chapter we had a birthday, so we will conclude it with another! It’s time for Jaguar to grow up into a child and to start taking on the first responsibilities of life, called homework and chores…

Jaguar looks a lot like his father, though his hair grows a bit more wildly. It fits his future prospect of becoming an artist. Jaguar will be taking care of the portraits needed for the legacy challenge. Once the opportunity strikes, he will accept the Visionary LTW!

And so this episode ends with Jaguar running straight to the easel after finishing his birthday cake, to start on his very first painting. Soon, we have another pregnancy coming up! But it will have to wait for the next episode.

And then there were 2!

Another baby is born, and life in the legacy house starts to get a little busy! Ariel changes his LTW to have a better chance at completing it, and Fox now has to deal with slight wrinkles on her face…

Taking a glance at the picture below, you have probably noticed that Fox is wearing different clothes again. This is indeed because she is pregnant. This doesn’t stop her from making sure Jaguar grows up being fully educated about how to not pee in his pants though.

In the meantime, Ariel risks his life poking inside the tv with a screwdriver… Miraculously he actually fixed the tv this way, though I’m pretty sure the repair guy wouldn’t have done it this way.

When Jaguar isn’t busy getting taught how to walk, talk and potty, he loves to watch tv. Fox really needs to pay more attention to what he’s watching though, because that cowplant doesn’t look too friendly…

Well, no time to see what happens to the cowplant and the blond lady, because Fox is going into labour! For convenience, she moves herself to the kid’s room. Hospitals are for losers, she’s gonna give birth right next to the potty.

Fox gives birth to a lovely baby girl! Her name is Tortoise and she’s got the traits Genius and Neurotic… Quite combination if you ask me. I’m sure Tortoise will be an interesting child.

If Fox’s day hasn’t been exciting enough, it’s also time for her to age up into an adult. Since getting older at this stage is never fun, she ages up in secret. Not that she has anything to worry about, since she’s still as beautiful as she ever was.

And so life in the house of this beastly family continues, with Jaguar mostly playing inside his box of toys, and Tortoise being a cute little baby infant that doesn’t really do much besides crying when she needs something…

Fox is now the proud owner of a few money trees! They really help with the cashflow and made it possible for the house to get a significant upgrade which was definitely needed with the recent family expansion.

Since Ariel got another 4 days of maternity leave, he decided to change his LTW to Chess Legend. He now spends most of his free time inviting over ranked chess players and beating them easily! Poor opponents, being matched against a genius…

Fox is definitely the main moneymaker in the famiy. When she’s not taking care of the kids or attending her garden, she usually goes out into the world to find stuff to collect and sell. Now that she has a collection helper, it makes it a lot easier.

Ariel’s chess opponents sometimes stick around after the match, though it’s not always appreciated much. This one old lady decided it was a good idea to get the sleeping Tortoise from her crib and dump her on the floor in the living room! ‘I think it’s time you leave, gran,’ Fox grunts at her, while picking up the poor Tortoise to bring her back to her crib.

Though most of the time the kids are angels, sometimes it can be a little bit much to take care of both an infant and a toddler. Especially when one of the parents is sleeping… Don’t worry Ariel, Jaguar will be a child soon enough! Though you never know if more babies will keep coming of course…

And while Ariel keeps winning his chess games…

And Fox brings in the cash with her crops… (mind your outfit Fox! Anyone can see you out there!)

Tortoise behaves like a wonderful baby…

And Jaguar forever hides out in his favourite box of toys!

Soon, both of them will grow up one stage and we will see if Tortoise is fit to be heir, or doomed to be a spare! Jaguar will start going to school and will pick up painting to get some portraits going, but it will have to wait for the next episode…